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Are there times when you are caught up randomly in an English conversation? These are the times you just feel like fleeing from that situation into another situation that will not leave you amaze and embarrassed. Not anymore! We give you the perfect guide of what to say to carry forward any conversation you are thrown into.

Situation 1:

You are stuck with an error in your restaurant bill.

Sunny: “Excuse me, Are you the manager?”

Manager: “Yes, Good Morning Sir. May I help you?”

Sunny: “I have a concern. The bill generated is faulty. Can you please assist me with my doubt?”

Manager: “Sure Sir. Let me take a look at your issue and recheck in my data reserves.”

Sunny: “Sure. Here you go.”

Manager: “Thank you, sir. I’ll be right back.”

After a few minutes…

Manager: “Sir, you were right! It was an unintentional error made in the bill, I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

Sunny: “That’s okay. I am glad you have figured the issue out. Just help me out with a fresh bill and I’m going to be on my way.”

Manager: “I’ve got it all. Here’s your fresh bill and your remaining change.”

Sunny: “This is quality customer management. Thank you very much!”

Manager: “Thank you.”

Situation 2:

Ordering food in a restaurant.

Waiter: Welcome to Foodles, what kind of table would you like, ma’am.

Rose: A table for two, please.

Waiter: This way, please.

Waiter: Here are your menus. What kind of water would you prefer? Chilled or Regular?

Rose: Make it chilled, please.

Waiter: Here is your water, ma’am.

Rose: Thank you.

Waiter: Are you ready to order?

Rose: Yes, we would like to have cheesy mushroom lasagna with sautéed vegetables.

Waiter: Anything else, ma’am?

Rose: I am good for now.

Waiter: Here is your lasagna. Enjoy your meal.

Situation 3:

Conversation at a party.

Rahul: Hey Suraj, how are you?

Suraj: Hello Rahul, meet my friend Sheena. Sheena, this is Rahul, he is an office colleague.

Sheena: Hi, Rahul.

Rahul: Hi, Sheena. So, how do you like this party? Are you enjoying yourself here?

Sheena: Yes. It’s fun. I’m having a ball!

Suraj: Hey, let us get some starters rolling, while we chat up.

Sheena: Why, that is a good idea!

Rahul: Yes, let us go, after which we can join the rest on the dance floor.

Isn’t it easy? So, this is how you should sharpen your English Speaking skills. Always make it a point to welcome help and correction. The best way to enhance your spoken English skills is actively participating in English conversations, which will eventually help you understand the rules and nuances of English Speaking developing your English Speaking communication skills.


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