Letter Writing To Speech Writing!

I got my start in Letter Writing at an early age. During those hormonal times when girl meets boy and penning love letters were all the rage. The teenage girl falls head over heels, while the boy in question checks her out just because… Those days, I became the go-to girl for composing heartfelt letters of attraction for girlfriends. The better part of my teen years was spent living vicariously through writing letters of passion for friends…

We do become wiser with growth. We learn to identify our passions & purpose. Writing letters stayed with me like a bad case of strep throat. Only, the purpose for writing completely changed. Letter Writing would become the basis for communicating all those wrongs of folks viewed as the Underdog; People who needed someone to speak on their behalf when society failed to listen. I took up my pen to write letters to the School Districts illuminating the lack of security for kids trying to get an education and who were often threatened by gangs, on school grounds.

There were letters to local newspapers bemoaning the plight of inner-city neighborhoods. Letters to magazines over a disagreement with articles lacking substance or bordering on malicious intent. I remember one such letter in response to an inflammatory article printed about the late Michael Jackson when his song “Beat It” was released.

These letter-writing campaigns became quite good and were noted by judges presiding over court documents and regular readers of community newspapers. One judge praised my letter writing skills, concluding that I wrote a great speech. Principals in high schools responded to my motherly concerns in response to a letter-writing campaign to “Save The Children” in the 1990s.

As my writing has progressed over the years, it is passion and purpose that remain a constant motivator. Recently, a not-for-profit organization enlisted me to assist a young lady in her speech summary as she was preparing to go before highly elected officials in the court’s system. I like to think the outcome of my advisory speech, combined with facts in her case resulted in an acceptable resolution.

Speech Writing has led to advocating for children in the public school systems. I speak to nurses in crisis and I write a motivational blog for women who seek to rediscover their passions and purpose. I have composed newspaper articles for people in the business of writing for others. I use my letter writing expertise to motivate, invoke, inspire, and uplift the spirit of a people.

Living and writing from life experiences have carved out an impressive niche to my writer’s resume. If you are interested in the craft of Speech Writing and you are an avid lover of words and letters of any kind, I would advise you to continue your path and hone your skills by taking classes in Speech Writing, Creative Writing, and Journalism. I’m giving you the advice I was given many years ago by a creative writing instructor who saw my potential to make a difference. You know, she just added fuel to my fire.

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