How to Learn English with Captivating Documentaries: Unveiling the Linguistic World

Watching documentaries is an excellent way to learn English. Documentaries often have clear and slow narration, and they expose you to a variety of accents. They cover diverse topics that can help you learn new vocabulary and improve your listening skills. Here are some recommendations for documentaries that can assist you in learning English:

  1. “Iris”: This documentary focuses on the life of Iris Apfel, an American fashion icon. It can help you learn clothing vocabulary, familiarize yourself with New York City accents, and expose you to the voices of different age groups. You can find it on Netflix [1].
  2. “Planet Earth”: This popular docu-series explores various natural parts of the world, such as mountains, caves, and jungles. The narrator speaks slowly with an English accent, making it easier to understand. It’s an excellent way to learn the names of animals, plants, and other nature-related words. You can start watching it on Netflix [1].
  3. The Lion In Your Living Room” and “A Dog’s Life”: These two documentaries delve into the world of cats and dogs, respectively. “The Lion In Your Living Room” explores how cats were domesticated, while “A Dog’s Life” focuses on how dogs perceive the world. These documentaries will help you improve your vocabulary related to cats and dogs. You can watch them on Netflix [1] [1].
  4. “Prohibition: A Film By Ken Burns and Lynn Novick”: This docuseries explores the period in American history when alcohol was prohibited. It provides insights into the reasons behind Prohibition, life during that time, and its eventual end. It’s a great choice if you’re interested in history and want to learn words related to society and government in America. You can watch the first episode on Netflix [1].

In addition to the above suggestions, there are many more English documentaries available that can help you learn the language. Websites like ABA English offer resources and videos to enhance your English vocabulary, sentence structure, and accent [1]. You can also find a list of 10 Netflix documentaries to learn English on the EF GO Blog [2]. Moreover, LELB Society provides over 70 good English documentaries on various topics [3].

By incorporating documentaries into your language learning routine, you can enhance your English skills while exploring fascinating subjects. Enjoy your journey of learning English through documentaries!

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One good way to improve your English listening skills is to watch documentaries in English on the internet. There is a good range of English documentaries available online on  YouTube   I have made my recommendations for a top English travel documentary watch below,

1. Brazil Travel Video Guide
2. San Francisco Travel Video Guide
3. Roma Travel Video Guide
4. Amsterdam Travel Video Guide
5. Las Vegas Travel Video Guide
6. Barcelona Travel Video Guide
7. Costa Rica Travel Video Guide
8. Austria Travel Video Guide
9. Paris Travel Video Guide
10. London Travel Video Guide
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Experience our planet’s natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures:Dolphins, whales

The most respected documentaries in the world, covering everything from wildlife to space to trees and everything in between.

Our fascination about dinosaurs, those reptiles that dominated the Earth many million years ago. In fact, many Dinosaur Documentaries have been filmed even before and many more after Jurassic Park. Aside from the documentaries on TV, there are also available films on DVD, which can be great educational tools that both kids and adults would definitely enjoy.

In this film, the singer Demi Lovato discusses the anorexia problems she encountered when she was younger, but also her addiction to drugs and alcohol which she had to cure. A no-holds-barred documentary that shows a Demi Lovato more honest than ever.

the best documentaries to watch

This superb documentary takes us to the natural settings of Utah and Minnesota which are still preserved but which are the subject of negotiations for mining.

Top Documentaries to improve your english

To learn English through documentaries, you can follow these tips:

  1. Choose documentaries with clear narration: Look for documentaries where the narrator speaks slowly and clearly. This will help you understand the content more easily and improve your listening skills. For example, “Iris” is a documentary about Iris Apfel, an American fashion icon, that features a clear narration with different accents from New York City[1].
  2. Focus on documentaries about topics you’re interested in: Select documentaries that align with your interests. When you’re passionate about the subject matter, you’ll be more engaged and motivated to learn. Whether it’s about animals, nature, history, or other topics, finding documentaries that capture your attention will make the learning process more enjoyable.
  3. Use documentaries with subtitles: Some documentaries offer subtitles in your native language or English. Watching with subtitles can assist you in understanding unfamiliar words or phrases and improving your vocabulary. “Planet Earth” is a popular documentary series with subtitles available, which explores various natural parts of the world[1].
  4. Practice vocabulary related to the documentary’s theme: As you watch documentaries, pay attention to specific vocabulary related to the subject matter. Make a list of new words and review them later. For example, if you watch documentaries about cats or dogs like “The Lion in Your Living Room” or “A Dog’s Life,” focus on learning words associated with these animals[1].
  5. Supplement with language learning resources: To enhance your learning experience, consider using additional language learning resources alongside documentaries. Online platforms like ABA English offer videos, teachers, and resources to help you improve your English vocabulary, sentence structure, and accents[1].

These tips will enable you to learn English effectively while enjoying the educational content provided by documentaries. Remember to be consistent in your practice and take advantage of the opportunities to expand your language skills.

These are just a few examples of documentaries available on YouTube that can help you learn English. Additionally, you can explore other resources such as YouTube channels dedicated to teaching English. Some recommended channels include:

  1. Preply: Preply’s YouTube channel offers a wide range of English learning resources, covering various areas of the language and catering to different proficiency levels. The channel features videos on grammar, business English, and more, all provided by Preply tutors. [3]
  2. Bob the Canadian: Bob the Canadian is a popular YouTube channel created by a high school teacher from Toronto, Canada. His videos focus on everyday situations and use simple English, making them easily understandable for intermediate learners. Bob also provides subtitles in his videos. [3]
  3. Learn English with Mr. Duncan: Mr. Duncan has been running a successful English language YouTube channel for over ten years. His videos cover a wide range of topics in British English, including idioms, grammar, and specialist vocabulary. He offers livestream lessons and creates memorable content. [3]
  4. BBC Learn English: BBC Learn English is a professional English teaching channel that offers a variety of content. It features playlists for learning English with news stories, improving accent, and preparing for English tests. The videos are well-produced and cater to different learning preferences. [3]
  5. LinguaMarina: LinguaMarina provides inspiration for English learners striving for near-native fluency. This channel offers insights into achieving fluency and showcases success stories that can motivate learners on their language journey. [3]

These resources should provide you with a range of educational and engaging content to enhance your English learning experience on YouTube.

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