100 Easy Topics for an Argumentative Essay

100 Easy Topics for an Argumentative Essay

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The аrgumentative essay is a very popular assignment in middle school, college and even in universities, especially when it comes to history, English composition or political science classes. The reason why professors tend to assign such projects is that they wish to examine how well you can structure your thoughts, support or reject an argument as well as draw conclusions.

Generally, two things may happen during your class. Professor will either assign a topic, or you will be able to choose your own. If your topic is already determined, it’s just random. However, if you have a chance to select your own one, that’s perfect. Though, make sure that the topic you choose to write about is appropriate for that particular class. Really, do not write a paper about analyzing functions for your English 101 class. Here is a list of 100 best topics for college students we recommend you to consider.

Controversial argumentative essay topics

  1. What are some security and privacy concerns of electronic voting?
  2. The death penalty should be abolished in every country.
  3. Nuclear power is an energy source for the future.
  4. Can peace in the world ever be obtainable?
  5. Should animals be used for cosmetic testing?
  6. Corruption in the judicial system.
  7. How current academic grading influences performance?
  8. Secondary languages worth learning nowadays.
  9. Should smoking in public places be banned?
  10. Pros and cons of globalization.

Argumentative research essay topics

  1. Is global warming caused by humanity?
  2. Is US tax system fair?
  3. Does school uniform improve student’s behavior and achievements?
  4. Should condoms be made free to prevent teen pregnancy?
  5. Should the legal drinking age be increased?
  6. Should abortion be counted as murder?
  7. Should physical education be obligatory at schools?
  8. Is artificial intelligence the next stage of human evolution?
  9. Can cell phones be used for learning?
  10. What role will the United States play in the world’s politics and economy?

Personal argumentative essay topics

  1. Gender inequality and the place of a woman in the office.
  2. Should politics be in union with religion?
  3. Is there the right way to legalize surrogacy?
  4. Role of the Internet in education.
  5. Are conflicts necessary for healthy relationships?
  6. Effective listening vs. talking; what is more important?
  7. How much should you trust online reviews?
  8. Is school day too long?
  9. Is it morally right to tell a white lie so that to protect one’s feelings?
  10. Should English be the Official Language of the U.S?

Argumentative philosophy essay topics

  1. Would society collapse without ethics?
  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  3. The line between good and evil.
  4. Is there an absolute truth?
  5. Are all people naturally inclined to be selfish?
  6. Are foreknowledge and freedom compatible?
  7. Does God exist?
  8. How much freedom do people really need?
  9. Is there any progress in philosophy?
  10. What is the ultimate purpose in life?

Evaluation argument essay topics

  1. What is the importance of sport for ordinary people?
  2. Analyze the effect of immigration on the market.
  3. The influence of modern technology on children.
  4. What is the difference between watching a game on TV and watching it live?
  5. Does great leader have moral obligations?
  6. Evaluate stress relieving herbs and sedatives.
  7. Is helicopter parenting ruining youth generation?
  8. Pros and cons of ready-to-cook food.
  9. Democracy vs. liberalism: what is the difference?
  10. Is it reasonable to invest in renewable energy?

Argumentative synthesis essay topics

  1. Why some children tend to be reluctant about reading books?
  2. Is the American dream still alive and well?
  3. How can technology progress be controlled?
  4. How can poverty be eradicated completely?
  5. Benefits of the digital economy.
  6. Can cryptocurrencies fulfill all the functions of money?
  7. How social media texting affect your grammar?
  8. How to manage and reduce food waste?
  9. Should people be penalized for obesity?
  10. What is the importance of critical thinking skills?

Argumentative business essay topics

  1. Should companies only focus on profit?
  2. Social media as an effective way to promote businesses.
  3. What is the most efficient business structure?
  4. All companies should be socially responsible and go green.
  5. Ways of employees empowerment.
  6. Is labor exploitation worth maximizing profits?
  7. Why businesses go bankrupt?
  8. Do monopolies have strong impact on the market?
  9. Is corporate culture code important?
  10. Pros and cons of franchises.

Science argumentative essay topics

  1. Is cloning morally acceptable?
  2. Will alternative energy ever replace fossil fuels?
  3. Why 8 hours of sleep is important?
  4. Why is tuberculosis still a problem? Should a parent vaccinate their children?
  5. What role does NASA play?
  6. Are human trips to other planets ever possible?
  7. What is more productive: a human brain or computer?
  8. Does technology have an impact on people’s appearance?
  9. How big the universe can possibly be?
  10. Recent advances in 3D printing.

Political argumentative essay topics

  1. Trump’s trade policy: does the new era of protectionism begin?
  2. Role of social media in political elections.
  3. Potential outcomes of Brexit.
  4. Can refugee crisis cause global destabilization?
  5. What is the best form of government?
  6. Is the third political party ever possible in America?
  7. How 9/11 changed US politics?
  8. Compare and contrast representative democracy vs direct democracy.
  9. Why is media called the fourth branch of government?
  10. Should the legal voting age be increased?

Social argumentative essay topics

  1. What can be done to decrease the divide between the richest and the poorest?
  2. Is globalization beneficial for overall world development?
  3. Bullying and the power of social media.
  4. Do illiteracy and poverty correlate?
  5. Should gambling addiction be considered a disease?
  6. Do career aptitude tests help to find an ideal job?
  7. Should high-school education be made optional?
  8. What do older generations misunderstand about teenagers?
  9. Are there any justifications to war?
  10. Should parents monitor their children’s online activity?

Tips to come up with winning argumentative essay topic ideas

If you wish everyone to read your paper holding one’s breath, it’s advisable to:

  1. Choose a topic that is currently relevant and debatable. Search for additional information on the Internet and pay close attention to rumors.
  2. Find a question the answer to which is controversial or unknown.
  3. Think about the audience. Will they agree or not with your point?
  4. Consider an issue on which everyone already has a specific attitude and opinion.
  5. Pick an idea with regard to your on your own interests, however, don’t be too excited and go overboard.
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