Benefits of Speaking English As a Second Language

Benefits of Speaking English

By Shalini Madhav  |   Submitted On February15, 2021

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Learning, more than just your mother tongue is a great asset to possess and studies have shown that the minds of bilingual people work a lot more different and advanced as compared to their other single language-speaking counterparts. Also, everyone knows that English is amongst one of the most popular languages spoken around the globe; therefore, today we will talk about the benefits of learning English as your second language.


Since English is one of the most popular languages in the world, speaking it fluently or at least better than the other natives of your country increase your chance of landing the job and subsequent promotions easily. Sometimes, not being familiar with the language can make you a less appealing candidate during the job interviews and you can come across as not adequately educated too.

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It is easier to communicate in English while travelling as a majority population is familiar with at least elementary level English. Speaking English can help you survive in foreign lands and lets you make the most of your foreign trips. As a fun fact; across most parts of Europe, English can easily pass as their unofficial second language, with a majority of the population being fluent in it.

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As a matter of fact, all the major business deals and paperwork are done in English worldwide, which makes learning it all the way more necessary if you aspire to be associated with a big firm some day. Apart from that, a study shows that 90% of the people holding 1 tier jobs in big MNCs claim that having English-speaking natives can be an asset for their company and they even prefer those employees over the others. Not being fluent in the subject can cost you your job that you love the most and shatter all your dreams with the blink of an eye. So, why not learn it while you still can?


Since the internet was first discovered in English speaking nations, it naturally has wider options and scope for English speaking natives with a major chunk of websites on the web using English in their WebPages. Apart from the internet, many computer applications use English as their basic language as well, which makes it all the more necessary to learn it in order to stay up-to-date with all the latest technology.

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If you someday aspire to be associated with the topmost and most-desired universities of the world such as Harvard’s, MIT and Yale then not learning English is not even an option for you. Apart from that, being good in English can make you better at academics as it is easier to do research in English and communicating your ideas to the world becomes all the more easier.

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That’s all for today, hope this made for an intriguing read.

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