10 Fantastic, FREE Movies on YOUTUBE to Watch Right Now

1Over The Top

Over The Top – “Full Movie” (Sylvester Stallone) Lincoln Hawk (Stallone) is a struggling trucker who arm wrestles on the side to make extra cash while trying to rebuild his life. After the death of his wife, he tries to make amends with his son who he left behind 10 years earlier. Upon their first meeting, his son does not think too highly of him until he enters the World Arm Wrestling Championships in Las Vegas. His hope is to receive the grand prize of $100,000 and an expensive current custom semi-truck and thus start his own trucking company.


Free Comedy movies Full length – best comedy film full HD ——————— Bernie is a 2011 black comedy film directed by Richard Linklater, and written by Linklater and Skip Hollandsworth. The film stars Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine and Matthew McConaughey. It is based on a 1998 Texas Monthly magazine article by Hollandsworth, “Midnight in the Garden of East Texas,”[6] that chronicles the 1996 murder of 81-year-old millionaire Marjorie Nugent in Carthage, Texas by her 38-year-old companion,[7] Bernhardt “Bernie” Tiede. Tiede proved so highly regarded in Carthage that, in spite of having confessed to the police, the district attorney was eventually forced to request a rare prosecutorial change of venue in order to secure a fair trial.

A group of people, without knowing why, find themselves locked in a surrealist prison, an endless labyrinth made up of communicating cubic rooms and equipped with death traps. The captive policeman, architect, math student, psychologist and autistic know only one thing: each has a unique gift that, combined with others, can help them escape. As fear grows, personal conflicts and power struggles intensify. However, they would have to succeed in joining forces to escape certain death.


A clerk in a government agency finds his unenviable life takes a turn for the horrific with the arrival of a new co-worker who is both his exact physical double and his opposite – confident, charismatic and seductive with women.

5 Dr. Dre: Another Beat (FULL MOVIE)

Music producer, Apple executive and N.W.A. rapper recently announced that he would be releasing his first album since 1999, featuring guests such as Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg amongst many others. From his humble beginnings with the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, to his brash coming out party with N.W.A., and now as a mentor to some of the greatest recent talent in rap, the Compton-born producer has never eased his stranglehold on the game. Ranked at the top of the Forbes rich list in 2014, Andre Romelle Young, aka Dr. Dre is set to become one of the first hip-hop billionaires in the world! . Follow the inside story of how it all began for Dr. Dre as we take a journey though his pinnacle producer years right through to his lucrative partnership with Apple.

 6The Crew
The Crew tells at a frantic pace the journey of Julie, a thirty-something who goes to a date. But she doesn't know it yet, her journey won't go as planned. It will turn into a journey through all the emotions of cinema before it reaches its goal: laughter, surprise, love at first sight, fear, tears… It is at the end of a veritable sentimental whirlwind. and visual, and with the help of a whole film crew (the "crew" of the title), that the young premiere will find the chosen one of her heart, not without one last twist!


A small town is terrorized by an unknown stranger who kidnaps and abuses little girls. When her only child is kidnapped right in front of her, the schoolbus driver begins the desperate chase to catch the criminal.

Laura and her daughter Stephanie move to Copper Valley, Arizona to get away from the dangerous city life that they lived in Los Angeles. Things become frightening when a black Dodge Charger driven by a killer linked to the abduction, molestation, and release of young girls starts terrorizing the young girls in the area. The killer kidnaps Stephanie right in front of Laura while Laura is driving her bus. Laura tries to rescue Stephanie by chasing the killer through the desert.

Teenager accidentally cuts his penis while on vacation at a campsite. Immediately, his friends unite to save the amputated limb.


A retelling of the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark.

For several centuries, the Cévéens and the Storrions have been clashing on the planet Alcyone. To escape this life, the Cévéens built the ARK, a gigantic city-ship. But the Storrions seize the ARK, condemning the two peoples ...

10) 40 Days and Nights is a disaster

40 Days and Nights is a disaster film when sea levels on Earth begin to rise ominously due to a colossal tectonic shift, a microbiologist teams up with the US military to conserve life on the planet. Directed by : Peter Geiger

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