Three Greatest Love Songs of All Time

The 3 Greatest Love Songs of All Time

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By Edward Genovese  |   Submitted On March 13, 2021

Love can be defined in numerous ways. It’s one of the best things in this world. Falling in love with somebody changes so many things. Even the most mundane things are made special by that somebody. The songs that we hear suddenly have deeper meanings and evoke more intense emotions. Love songs are timeless. From the troubadours of the 13th century to the pop artists of today, love songs are considered one of the best types of songs. In my opinion, the songs listed below are the top 3 love songs of all time. And I know you’ll agree.

1. Love Is All That Matters

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This song is and always will be a classic love song. It was very popular in the 90s. The song was played in school and on the radio. ‘Love Is All That Matters’ was written by Eric Carmen and sung by a British synthpop group, The Human Leagues. This song was part of their Clash album which was released in 1986. The song portrays the nature of love and its importance in our lives. It talks about how love is the glue that keeps important relationships intact. Being that this concept is true, this song’s meaning will never fade.

2. Time After Time

This song was by the singer-songwriter Cyndi Lauper. ‘Time After Time’ was the second single the album ‘She’s So Unusual’. This song hit the Billboard Hot 100 list in 1984. Even in the past decade, multiple versions of this song have been composed and played on top singing talent shows. The song talks about love that never grows weary. As the lyrics go ‘if you fall, I will catch you, I’ll be waiting’, it talks about someone who is willing to patiently wait for love. So many people around the globe feel this kind of sentiment and can relate to the song, which is probably why this song never grows old.

3. Marry Your Daughter

This song was sung by Brian Mcknight. The title of the song gives away the meaning of it. It shows the love that a man has for woman but it also talks about a dad’s love for his little girl. It’s a great song for weddings and it really is honest about the promises that a man should make to his bride’s father. Released in 2010, this song has become ubiquitous and has in other terms, ‘gone viral’. Although it is quite recent, I think it is going to go down in music history as one of the most timeless songs of all time.

To all the lovers out there, I know you have your favorite songs too. Love songs are an epic expression of emotions that words cannot depict. I hope you liked my top 3 best love songs of all time as well. And if you’re planning to serenade your special someone, I think you’d find this article useful. If you’d like to learn more about all things love-related, go best songs

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