Improve your Business English Vocabulary

Business English Vocabulary – A Major Key to a High Salary

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In my opinion, “business English” is basically the kind of English that will allow you to earn more money in a western or international company. The business world is changing all the time and it is extremely important to stay on top of things. Improving your vocabulary is key to sounding intelligent in any business setting like meetings or job interviews.

English is the language of international business. You want to make sure that you sound intelligent and educated. Many native speakers with a poor education can not even talk about advanced business English topics.

Increasing your vocabulary by even a couple hundred of the right words can make a huge difference. You need to not only understand the words but the concepts as well. There are many economic concepts that require a relatively advanced level of English. You do not need perfect pronunciation or grammar, but you do need to understand what people are talking about in all kinds of different business settings.

Speaking perfect English and sounding intelligent are totally different ideas. You can improve your business English vocabulary by reading the business newspaper and watching various business TV shows.

It is a great idea to write down any new words and phrases you do not understand and look them up in a dictionary. This strategy will help you choose which words you will need to add to your vocabulary.
Most English students make the mistake of only trying to improve their basic spoken English and pronunciation. If you can not keep pace with the topics during a business meeting or conversation, how can you expect to get a good job or get a raise? Do not pretend you know more than you do or your boss or whoever you are communicating with will see right through it. Challenge yourself and improve your vocabulary a little every day. For more go to justpractice

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