Improve and speak English Without Grammar

English Without Grammar

How did you and I start talking in our mother tongue? Using grammar? No. Of course not. We all started talking without grammar. Similarly, we can start talking in any language just like that and then conveniently improve our grammar systematically on a step-by-step basis. This book will enable you to speak English with less or little grammar.

Our research shows that an average Indian frequently used 70% of the English words either knowingly or unknowingly. This book will not do any miracle but will expose you to what you already knew.

You don’t need a good knowledge of grammar to get your point across in English.

We see children learn new languages easily because they learn that particular language without bothering about grammar. They may not even understand what grammar is.

Most of us learn Grammar instead of learning to speak English. Whenever we give more concentration to grammar, it leads us to boredom and confusion, and as a result, we stop learning English itself.

Experts believe the main problem of learning Grammar itself is the problem while learning English. The only way is to practice day-to-day English instead of worrying or fearing grammar. Practice, practice, and practice will make you learn English very well. This method will make the students learn English faster than any other method.

Come; let us start speaking English easily, fluently, and successfully.

II. 16 Benefits of speaking good English.

1. society respects you

2. You can travel all over the world

3. You can get a good job

4. You can earn good money

5. You can get international friends

6. You can browse the internet easily

7. You can communicate with anybody

8. You can negotiate successfully

9. You can read varied subjects

10. You can draft well in English

11. Your chances of getting a promotion increases

12. You can work on the computer and even become a computer professional

13. You can improve your confidence level

14. You can make others notice you

15. You will get recognized

16. Who knows, you will get a good life partner also!

Please write to us if you know more about the benefits of speaking good English.

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