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  The English language has over 500,000 words! Imagine knowing all these words – what a vibrant vocabulary that person would have! Anyway, it is not possible for a person to know every single of the 500,000 plus words and their meanings. Learning English is a continuous process – one has to keep learning and practicing. The words in English do not change, but the style of speaking does, from time to time. Keep yourself up-to-date and impress your friends and colleagues with your English prowess! Having a good vocabulary is a prerequisite for good spoken English. Many online English-speaking programs and exercises are available that can help you in building vocabulary. Playing vocabulary-building games is a fun and engaging way to improve, and correct, your spoken English. Get, set, and play: • Hangman: This is probably the most popular English learning game, paralleled only by Scrabble. Hangman can be played with pen and paper among people and even online. The game gets its name from the ‘man who is on a noose and can be saved only by guessing the right word. There are a series of dashes next to the ‘hangman’ where the person has to fill in the alphabets to complete the word. Every wrong word guessed kills the ‘man’ – one limb at a time. • Scrabble: A very popular board game – Scrabble is played the world over, with many dedicated forums set up online. It has its own list/dictionary of permissible words. So, now you know that Scrabble is serious business! Scrabble is an easy game based on the crossword pattern – each word connected to the other. Scrabble is a four-player game where each player has seven tiles with different alphabets, and they have to make words using the alphabets. This game is an excellent way to learn new words and spellings! • Crosswords: Pick up any English newspaper and it is guaranteed to have a crossword section. The crossword is a black and white grid of intersecting rows. The white grids are numbered spaces where the words are to be filled. Accompanying the grid is a series of hints to what the words are, for example, Shakespeare married Anne _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in 1582, for which the answer will be Hathaway.

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