IELTS Listening Practice !

Rosetta Stone often advertise themselves as being the easiest way to learn a new language; this does raise the question of why that is the case? There are after all lots of language training programs on the market, what is it about this one that makes it so much better than the others? The answer is that it teaches languages in a way that is very different from the way that most other programs do.

The reason that Rosetta Stone makes learning a new language so easy is that it focuses on teaching the basics that you will need in order to move on to the more advanced study. This is where a lot of other courses run into difficulty, they start trying to teach the more advanced aspects way too early. This is not an issue with Rosetta Stone which focuses almost exclusively on the basics like vocabulary. While this may result in your not learning all of the rules of grammar from the program it does ensure that you will have a good base for more advanced study.

The other reason that Rosetta Stone works so well for learning a new language is that it teaches you in the way that children naturally learn languages. This offers a huge advantage since it teaches you how to think in your new language rather than having to translate things back and forth from English. A lot of people find learning this way to be a bit tedious but it will ensure that you become proficient with your new language.

One last reason that Rosetta Stone is so efficient for learning a new language is that it includes a number of features that make learning easier. By far the most useful of these is the speech recognition software which is designed to make sure that you are pronouncing words correctly. There is little value to learning if you are not learning correctly. This is one of the major flaws that a lot of programs have, they leave you to figure out things like pronunciation on your own. The Speech recognition software that comes with Rosetta Stone solves this problem.

There are a lot of advantages to using Rosetta Stone to learn a new language but you do have to keep in mind that it is just an aid for teaching. It will not magically teach you a new language; you will have to put in the work to do your studies. As long as you are willing to do that you will almost certainly be happy with the results that you get

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