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  The ability to speak a language or languages, other than your birth language is a truly accountable asset. In this age when very few countries are inaccessible, one or more languages are extremely desirable. At one time the person who enjoyed this ability was held in some considerable awe. However, this learning has become both a recognized skill and ability, attainable by the majority who strive for it. Not only does it bring personal gain but professionally can prove invaluable, smoothing the way to greater understanding – leading to trust and improved relationships between individuals and even aiding the eventual outcome of peace between countries. English remains a widely accepted language throughout today’s world, resulting in high demand for English education – one of the most sought-after subjects of learning, in fact. Consequently, together with the recognition of the high quality of English education and the great desire to learn – coupled with today’s need for such skills, this has led to the introduction of more varied ways in which people can learn English UK. From the varied learning methods available has arisen the firm belief that a dedicated training premise is the most beneficial way to go. The annual school ‘exchange’ method is still practiced and has proven to be an excellent way to increase ones’ language-learning skills. However, extracurricular and adult learning being in ever-increasing demand has led to the setting up of an excellent and extensive residential business English course syllabus. Residential English Studies Residential training provides the perfect setting for intensive study, in a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere, with others of like mind and desire to progress. Free from the everyday pressures of work and travel, maximum time can be given to improving language skills. Using English every day together with other students and trainers enables faster learning. Residential business English courses can be divided into three distinct categories: SOCIAL & FUNCTIONAL – covering social and business skills GRAMMAR & LANGUAGE – covering areas of grammar and language use in today’s business market PROFESSIONAL – covering aspects of great importance in the business arena Taking these points one step further – four types, of course, can usually be taken, and it is very much dependent on the knowledge students require as to which course is chosen: One to One Business English Courses: These are specialist, top-quality one-to-one, intensive language training courses – producing the fastest results in the shortest time. However, every student has different needs – be it general, business, or professional. Expert trainers will analyze strong and weak points together with objectives thus enabling them to plan an individual program. This enables the study to continue with teachers at the individual level, without distraction from other students with different needs. Combination Courses: Mini-group training focusing on the language and communication skills vital for all social, functional, grammar, language, and professional areas as mentioned above.   One-to-one lessons are tailored to the specific requirements of the students, offering a wide and varied scope for study. Students may have areas of personal interest, need language work encompassing grammar, pronunciation, listening, and so forth, or need to work on certain business areas. Guided self-study involves the use of the wide variety of multi-media information that is available, to aid in the development and knowledge of the language. Individual presentations, reports, or job-specific projects can also be covered. Closed Groups: ‘Teamwork’ programs are designed for specific companies or sectors and are aimed more towards participants at the intermediate level or above. Language and management programs enable a closed group of students from a single organization, to improve their English skills whilst they discuss a wide range of topics peculiar to their own industry or sector. These programs, supported by expert trainers, also cover communication needs and key issues both in the commercial and industrial sectors. Interview Skills: A very important requirement, once students have achieved their learning goals is the ability to present in an efficient and desirable manner. Aiming for a promotion or an important job interview with a new company, it is well to be aware that many companies interview in the English language. There are courses available covering all aspects of job interviews from CV applications to role-play interviews. Pronunciation, grammar, and those all too familiar ‘difficult’ questions can be thoroughly researched ensuring the success of students in the job market. We all know that it is easier to learn when you have the right tools, the encouragement of experts, and perhaps a friend or two who is on the learning journey as well. That is why business English courses and language training is most effective when it is tailored to your particular requirements. My Space My website

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