Reading Skills in TOEFL Test

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  Do you learn English for your study or your carrier? Do you learn to stay in the native country? Whatever your purpose is, it’s necessary to improve your reading ability.   Which level of ability do you want to reach in English? Do you need an English language certificate and plan to take a test? There are generally four parts you should improve: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In this article, we will talk about improving reading skills.   Developing your reading comprehension required vocabulary. The more words you can’t understand, the harder you understand the reading phase. The conventional method of memorizing a number of words daily is still a good way. During the test preparation, learn at least 20 words a day.   On the Day Test   Try to read the reading passage like you are reading text in your own language. Do not check every single word. Don’t worry, even you miss some words you can still get the point. For reading comprehension, understanding the main point is the most important thing. If you can understand the reading passage generally, it means you did it!   Remarking each word that you don’t understand every time isn’t a smart solution in exam time. In many cases, you can still get the point even you have no idea of some words in the sentences. Although you get problems with the structure, sometimes you still can understand the point by the grammatical logic.   There are some steps you need to do, firstly is skimming. You need to gather all the information quickly. Run your eyes over the text and catch the important information. This is the best way to save your time. If you do so, you can know easily to which part you should go picking the answer when you are reading the comprehension question. It’s necessary to know the main idea of each paragraph. It means, you only need to make sure the information that written down before choosing your answer.   Second, Run your eyes over the specific information. You can know what kind of information that usually asked. Surely kind of training is required for that. No worry, it’s easy to find a TOEFL book guide. You can even find free e-book for some periods of time. You can practice as much as you can. Especially e-book allows you to learn wherever you are.   If you find a word or a sentence that you really don’t understand, just leave it! Don’t waste too much time on the difficult part. In the end, you could only gamble for the answer since the rest time is too short. There are two kinds of reading; extensive and intensive reading. In extensive reading, it’s necessary to obtain a general understanding of a topic, while intensive reading required you to understand the text precisely. You can do an intensive reading with a shorter text and grab a very detailed and accurate understanding. In this kind of reading, each word is important.   In the TOEFL test, you will face a long and complex reading passage whereas your time is limited. For this reason, don’t try to understand every single word but filter the sentence that you need to read twice. Do first reading exclusively.   No help and no dictionary in the and limited time, so move fast and roll your eyes! Visit my space visit my Website  

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