English For French Speakers

English For French Speakers

Many linguists have pointed out why French speakers have many disadvantages in learning English as a second language. Without having to open any hardbound reference for this statement, one can just listen to a Frenchman speak the language. There is always the peculiar accent that would clearly tell of his nationality. In fact, in many Hollywood movies, the unmistakable French accent was enough to tell audiences about the character’s background. This is probably why those experts in linguistics made such a conclusion.

However, that is almost like saying that French speakers have the sorry fate of never being able to speak English fluently. That is definitely not true. Anyone can learn a second language through constant practice. What is needed is an effective method of learning, one that does not make the student lose focus on the process. At the same time, such a process should not also be too complex and slow. A pace that is too slow tends to make any learner uninterested in continuing his pursuits later.

Since the French speaker’s major difficulty in learning in English is pronunciation and accent department, then he should be given the chance to listen to it being spoken as often as possible. That he can do with an audio file on language learning that uses the Pimsleur method. With an audio file, he can set his own schedule and, consequently, his own pace in learning the English language. Unlike those who are taking formal courses, he is not constrained by time limitations set by the school or the instructor. If he wants to make the process faster, he can even take his instruction while doing other things that require not much attention.

The Pimsleur method gives utmost consideration to the particular condition of the learner. An audio file using this method will, therefore, take into account the particular condition of the French speaker. It is not like other language learning audio program that gives the instructions in a generic manner, not minding the peculiarities of the student. Another advantage the Pimsleur method has is the way it treats the learner. It considers all language learners as people whose main purpose for the process is to speak or converse with a new language. Hence, it teaches language learners all that is needed to achieve that aim and sets aside those that it deems as unnecessary.

With enough time spent on listening, the Pimsleur method requires the learner also to practice conversing in English. It then suggests that the learner try conversing with another who either is learning also the language or is speaking it as a native tongue.


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