Improve your English by Listening and Reading !

Share this article on DiggShare this article on RedditIf you are a foreigner hoping to learn English deeply, you need to learn to listen and read.
Definitely, it is not very easy for you climb up one step from below. For the English learners, it is like this. Maybe you have been learning this language for years but haven’t reached the level you want to get. It is a big problem as well as a challenge. Of course, I think you must have learned the basic things in this language, like vocabulary, grammar, phrases, and sentence structure. But still, you think it is not so smooth for you to communicate with English speakers. The problem is that you haven’t really understood this language. Then let’s say how to understand it properly. If you everyday use your mother tongue every to speak with your fellows every? I think you do. So you have always been listening to them and this kind of sense has been internalized by you. You don’t need to think more than a second, you can respond to him or her correctly. But English is not your native language, you will often get bewildered about the very simple things people talk about. You lack listening. How to cure this ailment? You need to listen to English speakers as often as you can for a certain time each day. The radio podcasts are the most efficient materials for you to listen to. They are real English spoken by English speakers. Another way for you to learn English is to read. You can choose different kinds of English books to read and you can also try to read English newspapers of different sorts. Since English has been globalized, it is very easy for you to find English books and newspapers everywhere. Try to pick out the things that you don’t understand or the words are not familiar to you, then you just check them. And also you can put the words you have learned from listening into your reading. It seems odd but helpful. Through the two ways of practice, I think you will soon understand English more profoundly than before. Then it will never be a problem for you to understand others smoothly. Bonus

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