Speed Reading and Comprehension!

To gain speed and comprehension while reading, it is important that you first consider the Title, subtitle (if any), main paragraph, charts, graphics, histograms, etc. This will help you to grasp the true meaning of what you are reading. Let us see how this works.

Heading: Confusion of The Emotion
Sub Title: Shame Versus Guilt

“A lot of people feel guilt and shame are the same things, but in reality, it is not so. The fact is, shame is an acknowledgment that comes from within thus causing humiliation and embarrassment simultaneously to the person. On the other hand, Guilt is the acceptance of blame for action performed by us. Those actions may be a violation of stipulated principles, standards, and laws.”

Let’s analyze what we just read a bit. From the Heading, you can see that it tells you the main contents of what you are about reading, emotional confusion. But you do not know what emotion till you get to the subheading or subtitle which now reveals the emotions to be Shame and Guilt. Now you know that this material is a comparative analysis of these two emotions. Then as you progress to the first sentence, further revelation is before you to help you grasp the meaning of what you are reading. At the end of your reading, you were able to fully comprehend that guilt and shame are two emotional responses that are different though confused by many as the same. Guilt is the result of actions committed, whereas shame is an inner acknowledgment.

One thing you must always strive for whenever you are reading as a speed reader is to constantly check your comprehension skills or level at an increased pace of reading. You should be able to cover more material than the average reader in lesser time. I would say that you save quality time when you speed read.

The example i cited above is applicable in many other subject areas. Even subjects that are complicated or complex to you should be taken in the same light as the relevant subjects to you. However, for best results, it is better you start with materials that interest you so that you do not get frustrated along the line.

Once you have mastered the art of reading fast with complete comprehension of any material as you continue to practice, then you can progress to higher grounds of unfamiliar subjects and take up challenges, eventually, you will come up an expert speed reader all things being equal.

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