The best Ways to Close a Letter?

In a conversation, there are times that the discussion becomes dull. There will come a point that both of you will become quiet for a while, feeling awkward about how you would end your small talk. This is also a problem that people encounter when writing emails. It may be easy to start and write the body of the letter. But when it comes to the closing, it can be quite difficult. The closing can actually make or break your letter. And it does not matter whether you are writing a business note or a personal letter. If you write letters frequently, you might find these letter closing tips to be useful.

So what are the ways to close a letter? You can use your creativity to close a personal or business letter. Regardless of the formality, you need to determine what kind of response you want to get from the recipient. It is also essential that you make your points clear at the same time.

Those who are writing a letter for the purpose of applying for a job or hoping to land a spot for an interview, need to close your letter by mentioning that you would call them on a later date. This would help you increase your chances of getting that job since you can personally talk to them. Because of the demand for employment nowadays, some offices no longer follow up applications by calling the applicants. Instead, they would love the job seekers to show their determination by making them call to follow up on their own application. Some of the words that you can use before writing your name and ending the letter include the following: Sincerely yours, respectfully yours, cordially, and truly yours.

On a lighter note, if you would only write a letter to your family or friends in a very casual tone, you have wider options when it comes to the ways to close a letter. Make sure that you give your regards to everyone before closing your letter. If you are emotionally attached to the recipient, you can use the word “Love” before your name to end your note. For your friends that are living in far places, you can close the letter by telling them to keep in touch so that they would know that you still want to have constant communication with them.

Closing your letter is actually easy. Just see to it that it would match the tone of your letter so you would get the result that you want after the recipient reads it.

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