Teach Time and Weather!

If you have young children, you know all about the need to keep them occupied in a positive way. Kids learning games are vital to meet that need because they are designed by people who know about the educational needs of children. The people who design educational games often have a background and training in the field. They know what skills children should be learning at each age level and they design games and activities around that knowledge base. Games are part of the most important aspect of children’s growth – and that’s the need to have plenty of time to play. By playing with all sorts of games, both bought and homemade, your children are constantly learning.

Kids learning games focus on teaching a huge range of skills including literacy, numeracy, color recognition, shapes, and manual dexterity. If you have ever tried to teach some of these concepts yourself, you’ll know that it can belong to hard work. However, using a game to do the job makes it so much easier. You can’t just give the game to your child and go off and read a book though! Not yet anyway. After your child has become familiar with a new learning game, you may be able to have a short break-away while they discover all its intricacies. But in the first instance, it’s important to play with your child and get them familiar with the activity so they can make the most of the learning experience.

One of the kids learning games that you will find especially useful is a game or puzzle that helps to teach concepts of time. It’s a difficult concept to teach without help, but young children do have the capacity to learn this important skill. There is a wide range of clock toys to choose from. Look for something that is sturdy and will last the distance, because teaching about time takes time and it’s something your children will go back to over and over again as they learn the finer points. Learning about time teaches several concepts at once. Not only does your child learn the rudiments of understanding a clock face, but they also learn about counting from 1 – 12, number recognition, and number order. You can also teach about the terminology of the time, using words such as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

Another of the great kids learning games is a game that teaches about the weather. It’s important to talk to your children about everything that’s going on around them. One thing that’s always out there to talk about – as we all know – is the weather. Children will be fascinated by the different aspects of weather, from sunny days to rainy days, snow, hail, storms, wind, and everything in between. Weather games give you a great opportunity to expand your child’s vocabulary and there are plenty of stories and poems about weather to use along the way. Good weather games will also include interactive dials which improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination and stimulate the imagination.

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