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Many times when you cook a recipe for the first time you do not seem to get it right. It had the same organic ingredients, the quantity was measured and the grinding was perfect, yet the color does not seem right and so does the taste. This usually happens when the expectations go high. As a parent, it is an overwhelming emotion to see that your child crosses the milestones. To see the child develop his motor skills is amazing.

Children are like putty and they take the shape of the mold. Many of our childhood dreams must have faded away with other responsibilities of time. Let us take this opportunity in parenting to nourish our child and acknowledge his/her talent. One responsibility as a parent is to expose you, child, to the wonders of nature. Take them to see the mountains, to the beach or show them a desert. Indirectly their natural talent is getting the vibes and this is influencing their brain to orient towards an inherent talent that every human being is born with.

Give them crayons, safe colors, brushes, and let them begin by scribbling. Take them in the courtyard and paint a tree for them. Let them do the coloring (green leaves and brown bark). Watch for enterprising techniques and encourage their creativity. If you truly think that your child is artistic, enroll him in a full-fledged painting class which can be later scaled to sculpture classes, canvas paintings, and other forms of painting works. Your duty here is to acknowledge the talent, understand the interest level of the child and provide for a scenario that encourages the artwork.

Pottery is exciting for children. Creativity in making the pot, painting the same can become an indigenous activity in gifting others during birthdays and anniversaries. Children love to receive and give gifts and it is an exciting idea to present them with a pottery kit. They sure will promise you an exciting gift for the next family occasion. Gardening hobbies and cooking are interesting to the entire family inculcating joy in teamwork. Music is divine, keyboard classes and guitar are good habits that can be a lifetime evolving process.

It is highly difficult to recognize talent, do not goad a child to climb the stage and participate in a fancy dress competition or sing/dance at a talent contest. Do not pass your own ambitions on to your progeny as each individual is special. It is good to regard genetics and if you are good at dramatics and theater and you see the signs of exponential talent in your child, then bring them forward.

Failure for a child is crumbling his confidence. Before you decide on the hobby class, speak to your child if she is interested. Make time to wait, outside the class and consult the teacher for reports. Set time aside for playing, TV watching, and letting the child, ‘be’. Juggling is an expert’s job and seeing that the child is not pressurized from one hobby class to regular school with no time left to enjoy the innocence of childhood.

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