The Civil Wars!

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When discussing the term “civil war” it is important to note when you’re talking about the American civil war. Although most civil war trivia that we deal with in this country is referring to that conflict, the truth is that there have been many different wars in different countries throughout the world. In essence, a civil war is a war between two factions within a single country primarily, although other countries often get involved in support of one faction or the other.

An American civil war quiz will show that the war raged from 1861-1865, and was fought between what could loosely be classified as the North and the South of the county, although the southern states formed what they called the Confederate States of America, and the North was known as the Union. Although there were many events leading up to the beginning of the war which leads to it, one of the major factors was the election of Abraham Lincoln, which started the process of the southern states trying to secede from the union.

Civil war trivia will reveal that many of the most pivotal moments in history occurred as a result of this war. The Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg address were both events that took place because of and in response to the conflict. The assassination of President Lincoln was also an event that occurred because of the war.

There were many famous generals and military leaders that arose during the civil war, and many on both sides are an important part of civil war trivia. The most famous confederate general was probably Robert E. Lee. The most famous of the union generals was undoubtedly Ulysses S. Grant. Not only was he made the commander of all the armies of the union by Lincoln himself by the end of the war, but he would also become President of the United States in the years following the war. Grant and Lee would symbolically end the war when Lee surrendered to Grant, and the respect given Lee by Grant afterward was to show the hope for peaceful reconciliation between the north and south.

The most important and longest-lasting result of this war was the freedom that was granted to the slaves. Too a large degree, it was a war fought about slavery, and the success of the Union was reflected even more in their freedom than it was in the reconciliation of the southern states back into the union.

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