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English writing skill depends upon the quality, which should leave an indelible impression on your reader. Whatever type of writing you do always keep it in mind: readers believe the quality of your writing reflects your skills, command over the language, ethics, and integrity as a person. If you writing skills are eloquent, lucid, and lively, the reader trusts you and they are able to connect with you quickly. If your writing is sloppy, disorganized, and filled with errors, the reader gets a faulty impression about the rest of your work, and therefore loses the interest to read your article any further. 

To have good English writing skills, you should establish an aim

Yiddish dramatist, essayist and novelist, Sholem Asch, had said, “Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.”

in order to establish an aim, one must ask himself:

1) “why must I write this document”

2) “what is it that I want to say?”

3) “is my objective to educate, share, persuade or argue?”

If an aim is developed it will help to achieve the best style of writing. For example, a document on education will be more formal than a document written for entertainment.

It is important to learn to connect to the readers

To have good English writing skills, you have to connect to your readers very strongly. One should ask oneself:

1) “whom am I writing this for? Am I writing for supervisors, colleagues, clients, or employees?”

2) “what amount of information do the readers need?”

3) “are the readers familiar with the topic?”

4) “what is the amount of time my readers have? Should I give my readers a short and brief presentation or a narrative and elaborate description?”

Knowing one’s readers will allow one to write in a way that is appealing to the readers.

The document has to be shaped in a perfect manner

to have good English writing skills one should plan his document. What are the information that it is going to contain? What is the information that has the ability to grab the reader and hook their interests? What are the points that are to be got across? One should start with a rough outline. More details and information has to be added after going through the outline. A structure for the document will be created by the outline. All this will help you write more easily and with more clarity and fluency. This helps in writing spontaneously.

One should write what is known best by one.

for better English writing skills, the first draft should be written after reading the draft. The main idea has to be established and the argument has to be supported throughout. Jack London, an American writer, says, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” One must not worry about the sequences if the ideas do not come in order. One can always cut and paste later.

if there is time, one could step away from his document and then come back with a fresh mind.

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