The IELTS Speaking Test is a test of your ‘Proficiency of Speaking in English’ with the right pronunciation maintaining the correct grammatical application and a wide range of vocabulary. It’s always difficult for a candidate from a non-English speaking country to speak fluent English with the right pronunciation maintaining everything in mind during the test. As a matter of fact in order to maintain the right grammar and the right construction of sentences a candidate often subconsciously mispronounces words and is entangled into his mother tongue bias, especially if he is from a non-English medium background. Hence it’s worthy to be mentioned that getting rid of mother tongue bias is not an easy task for anybody or everybody. In the case of a candidate, who has never studied in English and never mixed and mingled with English-speaking friends it’s an uphill task to ‘shrug off’ his language bias. Such a candidate is usually born and brought up in a non-English-speaking environment.

So, what if such a candidate dream big and opt to study higher in an English-speaking country? Should he not try at all? No, let him be happy with whatever he is: Is it the right answer? Certainly not, that’s an absolute pessimistic approach towards life. Anybody who dares to dream big and does have a burning desire to succeed and shine in life is just one of the impediments to overcome, of course with some sincere effort. Though it’s easier said than done, to thrive in life you can’t expect to walk over a bed of roses, struggles would be there to win over and go ahead. So let’s take the case of general candidates who are not from English medium background and from non-English speaking countries, in order to figure out and suggest some realistic solutions to a real problem in concern.

It is important to mention that we are going to talk about those who have at least a basic knowledge of the English language. We are not talking about those who need to start from scratch. So our discussion is about ‘How to get rid of mother tongue bias and speak English with the right pronunciation’. A candidate who wants to shrug off the mother tongue bias and become a fluent speaker at the same time, should:

1) Start listening and speaking in English right from day one. To speak with an English-speaking person would be the best idea.

2) Make a habit of listening and watching the International English News on TV Channels on a regular basis.

3) Watching the ‘Lip Movements’ of the Newsreader would help him pronounce correctly.

4) Watch the ‘Debate Shows’ or ‘Talk Shows’, to enhance his skill of ‘Constructing Sentences’ in the right way.

5) While speaking in English, try to imitate the pronunciation of English speakers, not to copy their accent, won’t have to be a copycat.

6) Listen to IELTS audio samples, available in plenty on the Internet, just downloaded and listen.

7) Read English News Paper loudly and copy it, to hear afterward to rectify the mistakes in pronunciation himself.

One should follow and stick to the entire process, not more than 3 months. He is expected to make a noticeable change in his ‘Spoken English’ and more importantly ‘He is supposed to have got rid of the Mother Tongue Bias’. In some cases, it might take a month or two more.

A dozen of suggestions can be delivered on the topic, but the span of time for improving quickly in the right way varies from person to person, no overnight change is possible. So, after continuing to practice in the way suggested during the discussion for a couple of months a matured candidate is expected to understand his level of achievement. If needed he should seek an opinion from a knowledgeable English-speaking person to understand his ‘level of achievement’. If his ‘level of achievement’ is not satisfactory, he should take the help of an ‘Expert Spoken English Tutor with an English medium background’ for a month or two to enhance his progress towards starting the actual preparation for the IELTS Speaking Test. The discussions we have made so far is from the point of view of, ‘Learning in an inexpensive way’, but whatever the suggestions are, rest assured that they are tried and tested ways that work.

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