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How do you feel when an important day such as your birthday is coming up? I’m pretty sure you’re excited about it.

Well, I actually felt the same way when I found out I passed the TOEFL Test! All my TOEFL study guides didn’t go to waste. The excitement I got as I saw my passing score was just surreal. In fact, it was too much for me that I couldn’t help but overreact. I did a little celebration dance without any care. My neighbors just watched me. They probably were thinking I won the lottery.

If you’ve wanted to pass the TOEFL exam, you need to have the best TOEFL study guide to prepare for it. And lucky for you, you’re about to get the best TOEFL study tips from someone who actually passed the exam.

The Journey To Acing The TOEFL Test Begins With A Small Step

Are you ready to feel the excitement of seeing your passing score? Are you ready to celebrate your TOEFL exam victory? Are you ready to do your own celebration dance?

I bet you are! Now that you’re pumped up to passing the TOEFL test, you’ve already taken the first and most important step. Your positive mindset is your initial step in your TOEFL study guide preparation. This will help you overcome the big obstacles that await your TOEFL exam journey.

The obstacles you will face are no laughing matter. It’s very difficult to learn the English language. I actually spent more than six years already and I’m still mastering the language! However, my first-hand experience in taking and PASSING the TOEFL test will benefit you. It’ll serve as your TOEFL study guide to expedite your learning of the English language.

Now, I’m going to pass the torch to you…

The Ultimate TOEFL Study Guide Secret Not Written In Any TOEFL Guide

Experience is the best teacher and rightly so! Each mistake you make, you learn from it. I will be honest in that I’ve made tons of TOEFL study guide mistakes. And this is precisely why I passed the exam. I learned from my mistakes the hard way. Lucky for you, I’m about to reveal the best kept TOEFL study guide secret.

  • Your English speaking skill is important in the TOEFL test. You’ll be tempted to be impressive by speaking faster than you normally do. That’s a red alert. No matter what the case, don’t speak fast. Instead, speak slowly. Make sure you communicate your words very clearly. Also avoid using jargons and slang words. Use formal terms and witty expressions instead. In short, pretend you’re talking with the parents of your girlfriend for the first time! You don’t want to make silly mistakes when you’re talking to them. The same applies when taking the TOEFL test. Small mistakes here and there can add up. This can make you fail the test.
  • You’ll be tempted to watch English movies to improve your English speaking skills. Now, don’t watch just any English movies. Make sure to watch American movies. With this, you’ll get a high chance of passing the TOEFL exam if you have an American accent.
  • For the writing part of the TOEFL test, be conscious of your spelling and grammar. Just because English isn’t your mother tongue doesn’t mean you can make simple spelling mistakes. Furthermore, write essays in an organized manner. Be sure it has an introduction and a conclusion. From my experience, this TOEFL study guide tip can help you write great essays.

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