The SAT Vocabulary List

The SAT Vocabulary List

SAT (Standardized Admission Test) is one of the most sought standardized tests by youth in order to get admission to good colleges in the United States after completing High School education. SAT consists of three main sections viz. Mathematics, critical reading, and writing. The critical reading section consists of some long and short reading comprehension passages as well as sentence completion-based questions. These sentence completion-based questions test the candidate’s vocabulary knowledge. Thus, even if you have practiced and scored well in other sections but are not comfortable with SAT vocabulary section then it may cause problems in high scoring. So, if you are looking for ways to master the SAT vocabulary list, then read some of the best tips described here and nail the SAT vocabulary list easily.

1. Use Vocab Flash Cards: Most of the students just cram the words without properly understanding and using the various meaning of words. This is quite the wrong method as overstuffing of words in your mind will not help you in recalling the meaning of the word on the D-day. So, use flashcards for practicing SAT vocabulary list. These flashcards have words and pictures printed on the front side of cards and on the backside of cards you will find words various synonyms and appropriate sentence usage. Thus, you can easily connect a single word with various contextual meanings. Besides these are very handy to carry even if you are traveling, working, or on the move.

2. Read Magazines, Novels: Reading hordes of books on various subjects will not only add up to your knowledge but will also help you greatly in preparing for SAT vocabulary list. Besides this mode will also reduce the use of a dictionary, as you can comprehend the meaning of a lot of words from the sentence structure of a given passage in the book. Thus, you can make your SAT vocabulary list as well as reading comprehension quite strong simultaneously, by just reading books of your choice.

3. Solve Crossword Puzzle: You would have surely seen in most of the newspaper and magazines crossword puzzle section. Vocabulary-based crossword puzzles are one of the great mind boosters. By solving these crossword puzzles, you will recall many difficult words, which you already know but do not use much in your real life. Thus, through permutation and combination, you will try to maximize your crossword score by recalling and fitting words in the crossword puzzle. This way you will see that unknowingly you have practiced and recalled so many difficult words, which you do not usually remember in your daily life.

4. Make dictionary your friend: Buy any standard online as well as printed dictionary. Now while reading a newspaper, magazines, novels, course books, etc, when you come across the difficult words and are unable to comprehend their meaning, and then underline the words. You can look up all these underlined words meaning in your dictionary whenever you want. Thus, your dictionary will help you one step ahead in mastering

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