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There are many different opinions and arguments on what methods are best for teaching children foreign languages. In this article, we won’t discuss my opinion but I will simply share some simple activities that you can do with your children to introduce them to a foreign language.

So here are a few activities and methods you can use to teach your children foreign languages.

1. Watch TV and Movies: Although I’m sure you probably would like for your kids to watch less TV this may be a good exception. Purchase cartoons, movies or other kid programs. As a parent, I’m sure you already know how your kids instantly start imitating and repeating the things they hear and see on TV so this is a perfect way to introduce language to your child.

2. Games: Want your kids to enjoy learning a foreign language. Then purchase interactive computer games in a foreign language. Even the inexpensive language software at your local electronics store is very game-oriented and will keep your kids entertained for hours while learning.

3. Learn the Language: Even though as a parent you may be busy learning a foreign language is a lifestyle or at minimum a long-term hobby. Parents wanting their children to learn will significantly increase their children’s success rate by learning themselves

4. Read: If you speak even a little bit of the language or have to stumble through the books read to your kids. Start with basic children’s books that are kindergarten to preschool level and work up.

5. Classes: If available enroll you Kids do learn languages quickly but if they are not given regular exposure they will lose it very quickly as well. Structured classes are the best way to do this because it removes some of the responsibility from the parent and makes them accountable to the teacher.

No matter what you do the best way to help your children learn a foreign language is to take action. If none of these suggestions strike your interest then simply choose something you and your kids enjoy doing and start incorporating the foreign language into your activities. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming start small and gradually increase your efforts.

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