Writing Emails!

If you want to master a discipline; where’s the best place to start? “The best place to start is at the beginning.”

  • What’s the purpose of your email?
  • Plan your message
  • Link all the parts together
  • Have a clear call to action

How do you get people to open your email newsletter? Well, what’s the first thing that they see? Yes, it’s your email subject line.

You need to spend some time here: it seems having an email address goes hand in hand with an overcrowded inbox.

Grab your readers’ attention with your email subject line. Words… they are all you have to play with so play with them have a little fun use strong active words to write in an “up-beat-tone” it is the only way to overcome a crowded inbox and stop scanning eyes.

Pick your topics carefully – – What are you writing about is your message targeted? who is it for? Know your purpose and stick to it. Are you writing to inform, do you have groundbreaking information, are you offering some benefit?

Get to the point and keep it simple, never waste your readers’ time.

Get to know your readers – – often overlooked by most people. Don’t make this mistake: when you write you always write for other people so it makes sense to get to know them before you start writing.

What’s the point of spending the time to write a 500 words article only to find out that nobody wants to read it?

A lesson that I’ve learned; address all concerns your readers might have up-front; if there is an elephant in the room don’t try to sweep it under the carpet and hope that no one will notice – – they will. Address their concerns; be direct and by all means, try to provide solutions.

Tone did your language it’s OK to loosen the reigns a little, people would rather listen to a friend than endure a boring lecture.

Give people a reward for reading your e-mail; you readers will come back when they have something worthwhile to look forward to.

Be useful never just write for the sake of writing.

Have you ever been in a blog forum and see someone who has something to say about everything; even when it’s not constructive and it doesn’t add to the message in any way. You know what I mean. It’s a big turn off and people see it for what it is; “A publicity stunt.”

Don’t’ be afraid to break the conventional rules of writing; it saves you from being boring and keeps your work fresh; in my case, it might just be an excuse to not know some of the rules – – but you get the point.

Sprinkle a little of your personality into your writing, gaining readers is all about attracting people, don’t hide your human side, it gives your readers inspiration and introduces the real you; the person behind the words.

I get motivated when I hear some of the stories told by my role models. It makes me think that they are not so different from me, and suddenly my destination doesn’t seem so far. Guess what those are the strongest memories that I have of them; their stories.

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