Simple English Conversation Dialogues

There are so many ways on how an ESL Learner can improve his English Conversational skills, but which is really the easiest and most effective? Develop fluency in a fun and interactive way not only enhances one’s communication skills, but also confidence and good interpersonal relationship.

102 Simple English Conversation Dialogues For Beginners in American English: Gain Confidence and Improve your Spoken

Speak English fluently like a native speaker with these simple English conversation dialogues for beginners.

What would it mean for your studies or career to be able to speak and write freely in English? How about understanding more of what you hear or read? The idioms, phrases, words, and expressions in Simple English Conversation Dialogues are designed to improve your English quickly and easily.

Jackie Bolen has fifteen years of experience teaching ESL/EFL to students in South Korea and Canada. She has written dialogues filled with helpful idioms and phrases in American English, plus each dialogue has a practice exercise. You’ll improve your English vocabulary in no time at all!

Pick up a copy of the book today if you want to…

  • Learn some new English idioms and phrases
  • Have a variety of authentic dialogues at your fingertips
  • Improve your American English
  • Speak English fluently and confidently
  • Have some fun while learning English

Pick up your copy of the book today. Simple English Conversation Dialogues: Gain Confidence and Improve your Spoken English by Jackie Bolen will help you stay motivated while consistently improving your English skills.

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