Improve Your American English Accent

Looking for a way to improve your American English accent? There are a lot of methods to do it. However, there is one method that is the most effective. The answer is… repeating, repeating, repeating. If you want to sound like a native American speaker, you should imitate his speech. Here are 3 sites that are super useful for people who want to improve their American English accent:

1. Dictionary ForvoThe best description of Forvo is the official one: “All the words in the world. Pronounced”. And that’s not an exaggeration. At the time I’m writing this article there are 624,494 words, 555,212 pronunciations, and 241 languages. Okay, but how can you use it to improve your American English accent? That’s easy. Have a problem pronouncing a specific word? Not sure if your pronunciation is correct? Find this word on Forvo and make sure that the person who is pronouncing it is from the United States or Canada. And then repeat, repeat, repeat!

2. VOA News is an American radio station. Besides regular broadcasts, they also have “Special English” ones. Speakers in these broadcasts speak slower and more clearly. There’s also a transcription provided. Listen to it and… repeat, repeat, repeat!

3. iTunes has a LOT of different free podcasts on their site. There are also podcasts for people learning American English! There’s a free podcast called “American English Pronunciation Podcast” by Seattle Learning Academy. At the time I’m writing this article there are 108 lessons! You should know by now what to do… repeat, repeat, repeat! top book to improve your American pronunciation

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