Business Phrasal Verbs!

Business Phrasal Verbs!

Business phrasal verbs are really just phrasal verbs used in a business context. Obviously, some words are more easily applied to a business context than others, but the point is that it is essential to study all modern phrases to be able to compete in the workplace.

Business dialogs are often boring enough as it is. The proper use of slang and a more relaxed speaking style separate the native speakers from the robotic-sounding ESL learners. A list of verbs will not help because of the nature of human memory. Our brains can not remember lists of things with no meanings attached to them. The other major problem with lists is that they often include too many phrasal verbs and it is impossible to know which ones are better than others. It is better to remember a few good useful phrases than it is to try to remember some list.

Contextual examples are fantastic for helping people remember words. If the context is good, the learning becomes fun and engaging. The memory follows automatically. It is extremely important to find relevant examples of these verbs. So many phrasal verbs for business are outdated and you are better off not learning those ones at all. It is much better to focus on what is applicable to your own life. If you are looking to improve your knowledge in this area for any reason, you should make sure that you are learning stuff used from this century. If you learn a few of these phrases well, people will compliment your English all the time.

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