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Teaching online classes can be a tricky business, with the high speed of technology it’s tough to stay on the cutting edge. There are so many directions any instructor can take that it’s actually mind-boggling when you think about

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to make your job easier and manage the flow of information while staying on top of the technology curve.

Use Props – even if you teach math, English or even spelling use props. There is something to be said for touching and handling props that you can learn from.

Create Community – regardless of how many students you have, you should look to create a sense of community for your class.

Use Multimedia – audios, videos, reports, online testing software, and any other type of learning medium. This will keep your students engaged and have a feeling of interest in otherwise mundane lessons.

Offer To Troubleshoot – often many of your students are in the field that they are learning about. For example, you may be teaching a math course to an accountant, offer to troubleshoot some real-world issues. This will bring realism to your lessons.

Use Projects – for individuals and groups as a way to determine progress, tests can be used to assess specific main points. Such as the hierarchy, relationships, and linear processes involved with the material. However, a project can show glaring gaps in the application of the material.

By using these tips you can easily create a highly successful online class that has powerful outcomes.

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