Saint-Valentin: How to say I love you!

saying I love you can be the hardest thing on this planet. How to say it? When to say it? Where to say it? Will he or she say yes or no? There are thousands of questions that dominate our minds just thinking about what’s going to happen after you say it. But the fact is if you say “I love you” in the right manner then you would never have to hear no for an answer. Read on to find out one of the best ways how to say I love you to your partner.

Give a pleasant surprise- There are places where you can say I love you to your partner but the timing and place have a big role to play in this situation. You simply can not approach your partner at the wrong place and say I love you directly. You might get rejected or maybe even have to face serious embarrassment.

Set up the stage for it- The best way to say I love you and get the same response from your partner is to set up the perfect moment and stage to say I love you. Take your partner out for a special dinner just for two and share a very intimate moment together. Overwhelm your partner with different surprises and when you feel the moment is right strike your partner with “I love you”.

Don’t think of the consequences- Just remember you would never know what’s going to happen unless you say it. Therefore stop scaring yourself thinking that he or she might reject you in the end just say what you have to say and that is “I love you”. Once you say it your job is done and the load is off your chest. Also, the way you say I love you matters a lot in getting the desired response. When you say I love you, you really have to mean it otherwise you might not get the same response.

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