The best way to Speak English Comfortably

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Once you start speaking English (or any language, for that matter) comfortably, you become fluent gradually and automatically. Now, it is vital to understand the process of developing comfort.

In our mother tongues, be it Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu or Tamil, we speak different emotions such as love, anger, happiness and pain. However, when a non-native speaker speaks English, he/she forgets the emotions to be expressed and speaks monotonously. This is the first mistake non-native speakers make while speaking English.

The manner that you speak your mother tongue, you will feel at ease. Just sit alone and practice the following sentences loudly expressing the emotions mentioned in brackets:

1. I would like to meet you tomorrow to discuss my business plans. Is that convenient for you? (politely)
2. Can you help me to organize this party? (politely)
3. Can you represent the company in the upcoming international conference? (politely)

4. How dare you enter my cabin? (Speak aggressively)
5. You have spoiled this work. (aggressively)
6. This is a blunder. (Speak aggressively)

7. You are the best person to handle this assignment. (Speak confidently)
8. You can achieve any target you decide. (Speak confidently)
9. You are a champion! I know it. (Speak confidently)

Firstly, practice speaking the above sentences with appropriate emotions, and you will automatically develop a comfort level.

Secondly, practice tongue twisters to speak English fluently and clearly. Tongue twisters also help you to get rid of mother tongue influence, commonly known as MTI. You may download tongue twisters from the practice segment of our website.

Thirdly, in front of the mirror assuming you are speaking to small children or your best friends. You feel utterly comfortable with small children and your best friends because they never make fun of you and you love their presence too. So it will help you to get rid off your hesitation.

It is not sufficient to have command of tenses, modals and grammar to speak English confidently. We learned these concepts numerous times during our school days. If these concepts were sufficient, everybody would speak English without any hassle. In fact, we see many graduates who can write English well since they are conceptually strong and they cannot stand on their foot for two minutes when it comes to speaking. The above suggested practice is one of the solutions to speak smoothly.

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