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For many people, conventional learning methodology does not give the possibility to communicate with native speakers of the language. Accessibility of communication with a tutor, as an option, is complicated with the financial issue. If there is no constant practice, the speech skill is being forgotten, knowledge is being lost. Therefore, recovery of knowledge should take place in conditions of continuous practice of English speaking. Given this method, many people, that come to an English-speaking country, are taught English in a very short period. For those who can not live in another country of the studied language, a good assistant in learning English will be audiobooks.

At such stage of this practice, such audiobooks are a way of synthesizing written and spoken text in English. In the process of learning, the student follows the text on the screen and simultaneously listens how the speaker reads the text aloud. From experience and conducted studies, it have been already found out that listening to audiobooks, which are developed and pronounced by professional speakers, along with a simultaneous reading of their text makes it considerably easier to learn English. Such studies conducted by European and American scientists have already proved that such practiced method of learning by this teaching material reduces up to thirty percent of the time required for memorization of new words.

Such perception is facilitated by a variety of factors, the most significant of which is the synchronous work of the left (being mainly in charge for visual decoding signals) and the right (focusing on perception of sounds, pauses, accents, etc. similar within the meaning) hemispheres of the brain. This allows to increase the perceived extent of knowledge and serves as a supplementary method for voice memory training. As a result of work with this method, the stage of learning by audiobooks, which provide a good possibility to expand own vocabulary of English by the listener, is formed, understanding of both oral and written speech is facilitated.

This method of learning allows to ensure the progress in the area of pronunciation and diction, that, in its turn, will give good development of conversational speech. Considering the teaching system by audiobooks, it is definitely arguable that this is a strong, well balanced and flexible system of training of the listener, where the built structure provides quick understanding and assimilation of information. Achievement of the targeted goal of teaching is characterized by results from the use of audiobooks. Such audiobooks strongly improve the quality of the language skills and competency in the use of spoken English. Audiobooks allow to generate a vocabulary that is the base value for the conversational speech, also imagination of the person is stimulated, and fluency and speed of reading books, study materials, newspapers and journals are increased.

Considering the method of work with audiobooks, it can be said that in such way the student learns frequent structural components of the sentence in the English language, as well as with different models of pronunciation. Audiobooks contribute to formation of system reading by the student, and facilitate increase in the extent of perceived information per unit of time, and well promote to development of love for reading.

Classroom studies are always associated with different levels of learners, this occurs when studying at courses and even tutoring as well. The use of audiobooks substantially equalizes possibilities of learners in such classrooms. Such factor occurs because students or learners get additional, the most contemporary language expressions and turns of speech of the English language, facilitating comprehension ability of every person at the lesson, irrespective of individual abilities and training degree. As a result of such study, students become capable of cooperative and group training, gladly participate in cooperative activities that are carried out in a good and friendly atmosphere.

At such lessons, audiobooks contribute to development of ability to put the first things first and exclude details, which can substantially affect the conversational speech of the learner. Audiobooks also develop the skills for transformation of language and structure expression of the sentences in terms of standard, simple and neat use of the English language. Usability of audiobooks lies in learning mobility, you can listen to them in any place convenient for you, and at any time. This allows to ensure creation of an individual schedule, on which you can organize mobile learning by audiobooks. Audiobooks are well listened practically on any modern gadget that you always have on hand.

Let’s consider the method of working with audiobooks. To start high quality learning, it is necessary to focus on common understanding of the text. You should try to grasp its main idea, the essence. If you have no such understanding, i.e., of what is the text about, then you may and should clarify the meaning of some words in the dictionary. Because even professionals do not always command the vocabulary of the English language in full. When you listen to the text, be sure to concentrate on pronunciation of each word and pronunciation. In such learning process, adhere to the rule – “better a little bit, but qualitatively, than many, but superficially”. When in the learning process, you get understanding of the text in common, then after that you may clarify the meaning of incomprehensible words, in order to develop the active vocabulary. To do this, select any excerpt and translate it to the Russian

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