Where to learn English in Your Town ?


Why Travel Abroad?

Who said that the only way to learn English or other foreign language was to travel abroad? True, this is an excellent way to acquire a second or foreign language, but it’s hardly the only way. You can delve into and deepen you language skills right there in your city or town. Where? How? Read on …

Here are Seven of the Best Places in Your Town:

o The Public Library

This can be one of the best places to learn a language and a lot of other things too, for that matter. You can not only read, but listen to tapes and cassettes, as well as watch videos and DVDs. Ask what materials are available in your local public library and you just might be surprised at how much they have.

o A Language Institute

If there is a branch of a foreign language teaching institute in your town, it might be a great place to broaden and deepen your foreign language skills. They would also know of stores, shops, restaurants and grocers familiar with the language you’d like to learn, whether it’s English or some other language.

o A Community College

Is there a community college or other higher-learning facility in your town? Check into whether or not they have English, foreign language or writing courses. Many continuing education type courses are offered after working hours or on weekends for the convenience of working adult learners.

o Restaurants and Diners

While you’re learning English, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Arabic or other foreign languages, regular meals at related ethnic restaurants or diners can be a great boost to your vocabulary. Especially if any of the staff speak the foreign language you’re interested in.

o Bookstore or News Stands

Depending on where you live, the local bookstores and news stands may well offer foreign language newspapers, magazines and other publications that you may be interested in. Even comic books and publications for children can be useful, so don’t rule them out.

o EFL Classes

Naturally, wherever they are, you’re going to root out any available English or other foreign language courses in your area. Look for classifieds for language tutors too. Then call to arrange for more personalized private lessons.

o Local TV and Radio Broadcasts

While this isn’t exactly a place, you can in fact, lean quite a lot from regularly scheduled broadcasts in whatever language you’d like to learn. Check newspaper and TV guide listings for foreign language broadcasts or call local stations and ask about their foreign language programming. Also, be ready to record broadcasts from the radio or television so you can repeat them as you need to help you to practice and learn.

Before You Travel Abroad

So again, who said that the only way to learn English or other foreign language was to travel abroad? You can delve into and deepen your foreign language knowledge and skills right there in your city or town using the seven places and methods just mentioned. Check around to see what’s available. Then take advantage of every option that you can.

Prof. Larry M. Lynch is an EFL Teacher Trainer, Intellectual Development Specialist, author and speaker. He has written ESP, foreign language learning, English language teaching texts and hundreds of articles used in more than 80 countries. Get your FREE E-books, English language teaching and learning information at: http://bettereflteacher.blogspot.com 

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