How to learn english with your KIDS?


More often than not, the cheesiest and most generic quotes that you’ve been hearing since you were in kindergarten are the truest and most profound quotes that you’ll ever hear or need in your lifetime. One such quote is “We achieve more by working together”. This quote carries with it a universal truth that makes it applicable in every situation we’re in. It rings true in the most serious of situations like Global Warming and World Peace. And it also rings true in the simplest of situations – like teaching English for kids.

Indeed, it’s true that you and your child can achieve more if you work together to learn English for kids. It not only gives you and your child some time to bond together but it also helps your child learn faster and more efficiently. Here are some tips on fun English for kids.

Use the English Language in Your Daily Conversations

Nothing beats this method in teaching your kid the English language. Constant exposure to any language facilitates easy assimilation for children. It works in the same way that we learn our own first languages. Children who grow up in France usually learn the French language easily and those who are born in the US or the UK grow up to be proficient in English. Of course, it all depends on your own skill in speaking the language. If you converse with the child in English that’s proper and refined and encourage him to respond in like manner, then he will surely get the hang of the language in no time.

Incorporate the English Language into Your Games

When you play with your kid, make sure that the games that you’re playing are educational and useful. Don’t waste your time with mindless games that teach the kid nothing. There are several games for learning English that aid in the child’s development such as puzzle games, word games and English songs for kids. Word games, in particular, help in improving the child’s grammar and vocabulary, especially if you use English dictionary for kids.

Include the Child in Your TV Time

Television is not always bad for your children. Media is actually a great source of learning and information for your child, especially in the use of the English grammar for kids. Some children learn to speak English by just watching cartoons and other English movies. So, when you’re watching TV, try to have your kid sit with you. Not only will he be entertained and happy, but he’ll also be picking up English words and phrases that you might not have taught him. Of course, you’ll also have to cut down on violent shows which feature profane language.

How to learn English for kids need not be boring, but it could be fun as well!

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