The Five obstacles in English learning


English is a language which is used the world over. If you want to grow in your personal or career area, you need to have a strong grasp over this global language. However, candidates and prospective learners face stiff hindrance on their quest to learn English. If you are a beginner or an intermediate learner, you can get over these obstacles with proper determination and willpower. But first, you need to know these five main obstacles as prior knowledge is power.

Five obstacles in English learning:

1. Study materials

Not all learning institutions provide suitable study materials. Some of them are filled with inaccuracies, and with no accountability. This is a recurring issue in developing countries as there are no in-house experts available for them. If you face any infrastructure related issues in learning a new language, it is always best to enroll for an online course with a reputed online English teacher.

2. Motivation

Learning a new language is not easy. As it is a tedious and time consuming process, students tend to get demotivated and discouraged easily. Sometimes, even poor or ineffective teaching methods can hurt a candidates’ motivation. It is of utmost importance that you be properly motivated with consistency.

3. Grammar

This is another sore point for English learners. They find grammar too tedious and boring. The concepts of grammar should be understood and then practiced every day. Just mugging up won’t do the trick. Studying English grammar concepts and knowledge need focus, attention to detail and patience. All this won’t happen quickly and need time to develop. Proper understanding of grammar and its implementation will help you improve your spoken English skills in no time.

4. Pronunciation

People who have undertaken learning English recently will have difficulties in pronunciation. The best way to tackle it is to watch movies, music, video and see how the stars do it. This method will give you added impetus to learn the correct pronunciation of the words. Make sure that you learn the correct pronunciation at the time of learning new words to save time and efforts.

5. Unreasonable expectations

Many students set very high expectations while learning a new language. The end result is that they get demoralized if they don’t achieve their goals. This is true for any language. Instead, you should try to set reasonable goals which can be achieved easily at first. This will boost your confidence slowly and steadily and in the end, you will be equipped enough to tackle large language tasks.

The above five obstacles will show you what to expect while trying to learn the English language. Dedication and consistent practice will assure guaranteed success in your learning endeavors. Never let these obstacles get you down.

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