Online resources are a great way to help you learn English or to boost the instruction you receive in regular classes. You can avail of free courses and you can repeat the instruction and the exercises as often as you wish until you achieve the objective of each lesson. With these courses, everything you need to know about the English is presented in an easy to understand format in small chunks so that you do not become overwhelmed with too much information at one time.

When you look at the types of lessons in online English you can start at any point in the course and pick and choose the lessons that meet your needs. If you are just beginning and need the basics of the language, the best place to start is right at the beginning. However, once you run through the lessons and you find them easy you can move on to the next level. You can also go back to any one of the lessons just to refresh your memory because each lesson builds on the previous one assuming that you already have that knowledge.

The beginning lessons take you through the basics of grammar, which include:

* Pronouns

* Singular and plural nouns

* Verb tense

* Articles

* How to use the words this, that, these and those

* Prepositions

* Contractions, and

* Question words

Subsequent lessons take you through more difficult concepts, such as:

* Past and past participles

* Future tense

* Adjectives and adverbs

* Gerunds and infinitives

For each of these concepts there is a separate lesson, with dialogues that you can read and listen to that use the specific rule of grammar. You will receive instruction on how the specific concept is used and be able to practice using it in exercises on both the rule and the dialogue. When you complete the exercise, you will receive immediate feedback when you click the button for the computer to grade it for you. Then if you haven’t achieved as well as you like, you can go back over the lesson until you do know the material.

Another aspect of online courses is that you do listen to various passages being read or you can choose to read passages on your own. These include a variety on news and general articles. There are games designed for children to help them learn the words for foods, parts of the body, occupations, and much more, but adults can also benefit from these games to help them learn useful words. Word search puzzles and games such as hangman help make and keep learning English fun.

Along with learning the rules of grammar, you also learn how to pronounce the words and form sentences using the words you have learned. You do this through the listening exercises, which are an essential component of learning a new language.

When you do have a fluent grasp of the spoken language but want to concentrate on becoming a better writer, there are resources online to help you write essays. This is essential for all students who want to apply for college, even if your mother tongue is English. You can also get help in preparing for the TOEIC.

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