15 Practical Strategies and Expert Advice to Accelerate Your English Learning Journey as French Speakers

15 Practical Strategies and Expert Advice to Accelerate Your English Learning Journey as French Speakers


Learning English as a French speaker can be exciting and rewarding. To accelerate your English learning journey, we have compiled 15 practical strategies and expert advice. These tips will guide and support you as you work towards improving your English language skills.

Utilize Expert Advice and Resources
Tap into Expert Advice and Resources

One way to accelerate your English learning journey is by utilizing expert advice and resources. Reputable organizations like Oxford University Press provide position papers and focus papers that offer evidence-based guidance, training, and practical resources for English language teaching [1].

Start with Simple Dialogues
Begin with Simple Dialogues

Polyglot Olly Richards recommends starting your language learning journey with short, simple dialogues. This approach allows you to familiarize yourself with basic vocabulary and language structure. As your understanding improves, you can gradually progress to more complex materials .

Focus on Comprehensible Input
Engage with Comprehensible Input

To learn English quickly, it is important to expose yourself to comprehensible input. This means engaging with materials that are slightly above your current level of understanding. Start with materials like graded readers or beginner-level podcasts to improve your comprehension skills .

Study Pronunciation Early
Pay Attention to Pronunciation

From the beginning of your English learning journey, focus on pronunciation. Dedicate time to learning the correct pronunciation of sounds and words to develop good habits early on. Proper pronunciation is crucial and difficult to correct later .

Embrace Language Experience Approach (LEA)
Utilize Language Experience Approach (LEA)

The Language Experience Approach (LEA) is an effective instructional strategy for English language learners. It involves engaging the entire class in a common activity and guiding students to write about it. LEA helps develop language skills at different proficiency levels and can be adapted for various subjects .

Seek Out Comprehensible Reading Material
Choose Enjoyable Reading Material

Select reading materials that you find enjoyable and interesting. When the material is enjoyable, you’ll be more motivated to read and learn. Opt for graded readers or books written specifically for English learners as they provide comprehensible input while gradually introducing more complex language structures .

Engage in Language Exchanges
Subheading: Participate in Language Exchanges

Language exchange programs offer opportunities to practice speaking with native English speakers. These exchanges provide real-life conversations and cultural insights. Look for language exchange platforms or local language exchange events .

Use Technology and Language Learning Apps
Subheading: Leverage Technology and Language Learning Apps

Enhance your English learning experience by using technology. There are numerous language learning apps available that provide interactive lessons, vocabulary practice, and language exchange opportunities. Popular apps include Duolingo, Babbel, and HelloTalk [2].

Heading: Create a Language Study Routine
Subheading: Establish a Study Routine
Consistency is key to language acquisition. Create a regular study routine by dedicating specific time each day or week to English learning activities such as reading, listening, vocabulary practice, and grammar review .

Immerse Yourself in English
Surround Yourself with English

Immerse yourself in an English-language environment by engaging with English-language media. Watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries in English, listen to English podcasts or music, and read English news articles or books. Immersion helps familiarize you with the language and improves comprehension .

Join English Conversation Groups or Clubs

Participate in English Conversation Groups or Clubs

Locate English conversation groups or clubs in your local community or online platforms. Joining these groups can provide valuable opportunities to practice your speaking skills with native English speakers and fellow language learners. By engaging in real-life conversations, you can improve your fluency, gain confidence, and learn about different cultures. Online platforms such as Speaking Club offer structured conversation meetings with hosts and provide a safe and friendly environment to practice speaking English with other language enthusiasts. Language exchange programs like italki,HelloTalk, Conversation Exchange, and Speaky also offer platforms for finding language partners and practicing English through conversation.

Utilize Language Learning Apps and Platforms
Subheading: Leverage Technology for Language Learning

Take advantage of technology and language learning apps to enhance your English learning experience. There are various apps available that provide interactive lessons, vocabulary practice, and language exchange opportunities. Popular apps like Duolingo, Babbel, and HelloTalk [2] offer engaging activities to improve your English skills. Additionally, online platforms such as Preply, Verbling, Wyzant, and italki [3] provide access to English tutors and conversation partners for personalized learning. These resources can supplement your language learning journey and provide additional support and guidance.

Practice Speaking through Online Resources

Engage with English Speaking Practice Online

To develop your speaking skills, take advantage of online resources that focus on English speaking practice. Websites like FluentU [2] use short web videos, news clips, movie trailers, and music videos to immerse you in authentic English conversations. This exposure to native speakers and everyday expressions will help you improve your fluency and grasp of slang. Online platforms such as italki, HelloTalk, Conversation Exchange, and Speaky [3] provide opportunities to connect with language partners for speaking practice through voice or video calls. These resources offer a convenient and flexible way to practice speaking English regardless of your location.

Seek Additional English Speaking Courses and Resource

Explore Further English Speaking Courses and Resources

Apart from language apps and online platforms, there are other resources available to enhance your English speaking skills. Websites like BBC Learning English [3] offer a wide range of lessons, including topics for casual conversations, pronunciation workshops, and podcasts discussing trendy slang. Perfectly Spoken [3] provides video lessons covering various speaking skills and situations, such as hospitality, business English, and English used in films. Additionally, you can consider joining Toastmasters [3], a global organization that helps improve public speaking and leadership skills through practice and feedback in a supportive environment.

Tips for Speaking Better English
Improve Your English Speaking Skills

In addition to utilizing the strategies and resources mentioned above, here are some tips to improve your English speaking skills:

Practice regularly: Dedicate consistent time to speaking and practicing English.
Be confident: Embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth and keep practicing.
Expand vocabulary: Learn new words and phrases to express yourself more effectively.
Listen actively: Pay attention to native speakers’ pronunciation, intonation, and expressions.
Mimic native speakers: Try to imitate their pronunciation and intonation patterns.
Engage in real-life situations: Use English in everyday scenarios, such as ordering at a restaurant or asking for directions.
Seek feedback: Ask native speakers or teachers for feedback on your speaking skills.
Record and listen: Record yourself speaking and listen back to identify areas for improvement.
Stay motivated: Set goals, track your progress, and celebrate achievements along the way.
By implementing these strategies, utilizing resources, and incorporating these tips into your English learning routine, you will accelerate your progress and feel more confident in your English speaking abilities as a French speaker.

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