The Importance of Keeping A Notebook

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A notebook is writing material used every day by a lot of people, especially students, either at the elementary level or tertiary level to jot and write down information for future and present purposes. It is also used by other professionals for jotting and writing down important information.

Notebooks can be regarded as ancient writing materials because it has been writing materials used for centuries. Ancient writers and other professionals used notebooks to write down information for future and immediate use. Till this present day, the importance of notebooks cannot be over-emphasized as it is still been utilized every day by a lot of people for different writing purposes.

There are many benefits and importance of using a notebook. We will be talking about some of these benefits and importance of a notebook;

10 importance and benefits of a notebook

1. Improves and Enhances your writing skills and abilities – Using a notebook improves and enhances writing skills and abilities. Right from our elementary days, notebooks are a means to teach little kids on how to write and improve their writing skills and abilities. Through the use of notebooks, pupils from the elementary level up to high school and even tertiary students have improved their writing abilities and vocabulary usage.

2. Increases spelling abilities and memory retentions – In recent times where computers and digital means of writing are gradually taking over writing on notebooks, we are experiencing a decline in spelling abilities and memory retentions as compared to the times when there were no computers and digital means of writing. This is to show that notebooks are very important in increasing spelling abilities and also the ability to remember things we have written down. When you write down information on a notebook, you have better ability to remember it in the future compared to when it is written on a digital device.

3. Better thinking and decision making – A notebook is a place that you have total control of. You are not limited to what you can do with it, unlike the digital devices that you may not be able to do the things you will easily do with a notebook. This increases decision making and enables you to think better. You may want to give your notebook different designs and patterns for better understanding and the quick search for any information you have written in the notebook.

4. It increases creativity – In a notebook, there are no templates, you create what you desire all by yourself unlike computers and other digital devices where you are limited. You have all the enabling means to be creative in your writing to better suit your understanding and other people that may come in contact with your notebook or want to make use of it. Most of us have experienced times that our younger siblings will want to make use of our notebooks from previous classes. When you are very creative in your writing, they will have a better understanding of what you have written and be able to assimilate with ease.

5. It improves personal responsibility and organization – A notebook has the ability to increase our personal responsibility because it enables you to sit down in a position and think without distractions. Students who write on notebooks are more responsible and better organized compared to students who use computers to write. This can be observed in our world today as compared to the ancient world before now were we have seen dedicated and responsible inventors and researchers such as Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton e.t.c, who made researches and remarkable inventions with the use of notebooks.

6. It is more safe and easier to access – A notebook is safer and easier to access compared to digital means. Using a notebook, you are not scared of any virus attack or loss of information due to technical dis-functionalities. A notebook is easier to access, as you can easily open it at any time you like and easily access any information without stress. You can easily take it along with you anywhere you go, unlike a computer that is quite heavy to carry all the time.

7. It is reliable – A notebook is a reliable means of writing at all times. It has proved to be a reliable means of writing better than computers because you do not need electricity to power it, there is no server error, you do not need any password to access your computer and it is always readily available to you at all times. Are you in the classroom, attending a seminar, at an office meeting, or attending a religious event, a notebook is easy to take with you and it is always available for use without any worries.

8. It is quick – It is quicker to write on a notebook as compared to writing on a computer or digital devices. It increases writing spontaneity and allow you to pen-down your thoughts faster without distractions. When using computers to write, you may experience some difficulty and distractions but when using a notebook you write with ease and your writing speed is increased. You can quickly flip from page to page, unlike a computer where you need to use the mouse and scroll up and down all the time. It also saves more time as you do not need to turn it on and wait for it to boot, unlike a computer.

9. It enhances ideas and inspirations – Ideas and inspirations can come at any time and when you do not write them down immediately they can be forgotten. Using a notebook will enable you to write down your ideas and inspirations immediately they come to you. As soon as you capture them in your mind you write them down in a notebook so you do not forget.

10. Reflect on what you have learned – A notebook is a place you write down everything you have learned so you can read and reflect on them any time you want. Either as a student, worker or a professional, you need a notebook to pen-down information so you can reflect on them some other times.

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