Top Reasons Why Students Fail In Examinations

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Examinations are very important to students. This is because they show how well students have understood the subject matter. While examinations are very important, it’s only a few students who succeed in them. Here are some of the reasons why many students fail in their exams:

Regurgitating in-class or lecture material

It’s common for students to repeat exactly what was taught in class or what the students read in the library. Although, examinations require you to remember what was taught in class, you should not regurgitate the information exactly how it was said by the lecturer.

This is because it shows that you didn’t understand anything and you just want to pass your examinations. The best way of going about it is picking a little bit of information learnt from in-class or lecture materials, combining it with your own material, and then presenting it in your own version.

Doing this shows that you are a serious student and you will most definitely get higher marks than another student who just regurgitates the content.


This is another problem with many students and it shows lack of preparation and lack of enough details.

For you to be successful in your examinations you need to avoid over-generalizing things; you should ensure that your statements are specific and show self awareness. The best way of avoiding over-generalizing issues is by reading deeper into the subject matter.


Careless mistakes are very costly in an examination and they show how uncaring you are. For example, getting the names of characters and other basic information wrong is very annoying and depicts a very negative picture about you. To appear serious you should master basic information and avoid making the mistakes.

Spelling, grammar and register

Just like carelessness, poor spelling and grammar gives a very negative picture about you. To avoid this you should read plenty of academic journal articles and books that mirror the tone, language and register. When doing this you should never plagiarize.

To improve your grammar and spelling you should also make it your habit to write a little everyday as a form of practice.

Focusing on word count

In both coursework and exam responses, students usually pay more attention to the quantity of words rather than the quality. You should remember that the best essays are those that demonstrate evidence of personal reflection and are not there to achieve a word limit.

While you might be punished if you don’t reach the word limit, the punishment is direr when you write a poor quality essay.

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