Short movies to improve your english

Film is the enrichment of life, and also the art of reproduction of life.

The best way to know British and American culture.

Using English movies  as  tools to  learn English and enhance the English oral skills start watching movies, not only for entertainment but also for English learning purposes.

Watching movies regularly allows you  to know many words that you didn’t have the chance to learn in classes

believed that watching movies helps to increase your vocabulary bank, which is an important aspect of language learning.

“watching movies not only improves your speaking and listening in English, but also your writing will be developedwhen you look at the subtitles that are on movies.”

When you watch movies, and rely on subtitle to read ,you will  understand what is happening. Reading these subtitles allows you  to know the spelling of many words. Also, reading the subtitles allowed youto know the structure of the sentence.These movies represent real-life language used by native speakers of the language.

Watch English movies because they represent real language spoken by real people. It is interesting that you hear language is usually different from what you learn in classes. Real language let  learn more and listen more to new words and expressions.So go and watch these following films and good luck…

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