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Learning pronunciation takes timePronouncing sounds involves both our minds and our bodies. When we learn new sounds, we need to learn to move the muscles of our mouths in new ways and change the pronunciation habits we’ve built up all through our lives. This isn’t easy, and, like learning any other muscular activity, it takes a long time. Most people can’t learn to dance or to play a new sport immediately; they have to start out slowly, practice a lot, and gradually build up speed and skill. Our mouths also need to build up muscle memory—the ability to do something more easily after practicing it many times. Our muscles begin to “remember” how to move in a certain way because they’ve done it so often.Teaching pronunciation also takes time. We can’t just teach something once and expect our students to master it right away. We need to come back to the same point again and again, giving students lots of review and continued practice.

If we know the sounds of a word (in English) we can’t know how to spell it; if we know the ` spelling, we can’t know how to pronounce it. English spelling is almost divorced from its pronunciation and forms hardly any guide as to how words should be pronounced.

This will help you make your new pronunciation habits automatic.

That are some useful tools here to help you in improving your pronunciation.



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