CV Secrets Employers Don’t Want You To Know !!

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3 Professional CV Secrets Employers Don’t Want You To Know

By   |   Submitted On April 08, 2021

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Hello friends. Today I’m going to tell you 3 professional CV secrets employers don’t want you to know. Using these you can dramatically increase the success of your applications and land more interviews. Simply apply these secrets to your existing resume and you can own a professional CV within hours.

The first professional CV secret is this: Employers spent little more than 30 seconds browsing your application. Why do you ask? Because in today’s economic climate they receive dozens of candidates for every position. Hence in order to get through them, they simply don’t read them properly and make snap decisions about who’s suitable.
I understand that this can extremely frustrating. Employers after all demand that you submit a carefully written and nicely formatted professional CV. Writing these CVs can take countless days and endless redrafts. Hence it doesn’t seem fair that they spend only 30 seconds reading what you’ve prepared! Unfortunately, though this is the state of the job market today.

The second professional CV secret is this: Employers use perhaps only 1 or 2 criteria to decide whether you’re a suitable candidate without even reading the complete CV. These criteria are usually the personal profile and skills sections of the CV. Why do they do this? Because the personal profile should summarise a candidate’s experience in only a few concise lines.
Once more I understand this can be frustrating. It’s insane that you’re expected to compress an entire career and work history into only a few lines. Employers though are in a position to make the rules – don’t play by their game and you don’t get an interview. Hence the only solution is to learn how to meet their requirements and hope they pay attention.

The third professional CV secret is this: Employers make decisions about whether you’re suitable simply based on how the CV looks. This means in some cases they don’t even start reading before they decide someone isn’t good enough. They might disregard someone’s CV simply because they don’t like the font or the formatting isn’t appealing to them.
The only solution, therefore, is to spend time and effort finding out what employers like. This might mean writing several versions of your CV and working out which one gets the best response. The alternative after all is sending out countless copies of the same ineffective document. But work out what employers prefer and you can create a truly professional CV.

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