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How to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay

Recommend Article Article Comments 1 Print ArticleThe following is a basic outline to guide even the most novice writer. The Parts of a Paragraph is:

 1-Topic Sentence-Which tells what the paragraph is about. 2-Body of the paragraph (should be at least 3 sentences) includes points that support the topic sentence. 3-Conclusion sentence, which sums up what was said and gives it a finished sound.

The Essay itself Should Include the Following: I-The Introductory paragraph: (What this paper is about and why it is worth Your attention). This paragraph is comprised of: a. Attention getter (If appropriate) b. States the topic sentence. (Thesis Statement) c. States your main points- (you’ll have 1 paragraph per each point.)

After the Introductory paragraph comes the II-Body Paragraphs: (There will be as many body paragraphs as you have points to make.)    I.e.: some papers begin with1,-a history or background paragraph. 2-a present time statement of the issue in paragraph.3-the points to make. while others may just cover: 1-point one. 2-point two, and 3-point three.  It depends on your topic and type of paper.

They ALL: Build your main points. Develop your ideas and opinions. Support your main Claim.

Finally your, III-Conclusion: Restates and re-emphasizes your main idea (topic/thesis sentence). NOT a summary, re-emphasizes. Gives a feeling of conclusion. Don’t forget to…PROOFREAD! Sometimes this is easier if you, Read your paper out loud. Make sure to; Check for 1-Spelling and punctuation 2-Sentence structure 3-Does it address the topic/answer the question?

The Following is an Example 5 paragraph essay:

Spiders Make Great Pets

(Intro:) When you think about a pet, think about a spider. I think spiders make great pets. They are clean, quiet, and cheap to keep. If you have a busy lifestyle like most people do nowadays and you don’t need a lot of companionships a spider will do the trick.

(Body I:) Spiders make great pets because they are cleaner than most pets. You occasionally will have to clean a corpse or two from the tank, but for the most part, if you restore the tank once a year or so you have it covered. Just wipe out the tank walls with hot water and put down a new covering and you did. Just think, no poopy scooping, no muddy paw prints, and no hair to vacuum up.

(Body II:) Spiders are also quiet. You will never have the neighbors call the police on you cause your spider is too noisy. The only noise a spider will ever make is a hissing noise, which is only audible with certain larger breeds of Tarantulas. Even then, they only make noise when they feel they are threatened, so if you don’t disturb them there will never be a sound.

(Body III:) Another good point is that spiders must be the cheapest pets in the world. You can purchase a typical Tarantula for about $15 to $20 dollars, while the special breeds may cost as much as $100 dollars. The tank and accessories will run you another $20.00 depending on what you get. They don’t eat a lot either; if you purchase 10 crickets for about $1.00 a week your Tarantula will be well-fed and happy.

(Conclusion:) So unless you have time and a need in your life for the companionship of a daily care pet, spiders might be the choice for you. Maybe the next time you think about getting a pet, you’ll want to consider an arachnid. I know I did.

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