Study Written And Spoken English . Why!

No matter what other courses you may be thinking of studying, English can be beneficial to many future career plans. A deeper understanding of the English language can help you to articulate yourself better, which is a skill that can enhance any career. As such if you have the time and the resources to be able to make this a chosen course, you will derive many benefits from it both now and in the months and years to come.

You might think that English is just English and there is no difference between written and spoken versions but you would be wrong. Someone who is able to express themselves well on paper may not be able to do so in conversation, and a closer study of the language can help to ensure that you become proficient in both areas.

It is worth mentioning here that it doesn’t necessarily matter whether English is actually your first language or not; everyone can learn more about both the written and spoken forms by studying it in more depth, and for those who are intending to pursue a career which demands the ability to be able to express themselves clearly in any manner, a course in both written and spoken English will certainly stand them in good stead.

While there are some obvious careers you could aim for where you would benefit from having studied English – such as writing or becoming a reporter for example – there are many other careers which you could enter more easily with an appropriate qualification in this subject. One good example is teaching. No matter what subject you eventually want to teach others, you will need to be able to convey your ideas, thoughts, and instructions competently on paper and in speech, to ensure that your students understand what is being asked of them.

As such, learning English at a higher level of education can be essential to your future earning power and career development. In helping yourself understand the language better now, you can help others further their own careers and lives at a later date.

If you are considering taking a course in English, it’s worthwhile checking which courses are available and which ones are the best ones to take for the kind of career you are thinking of taking up in the future. Some will demand a specific qualification, but others may not require it at all. If you are taking it for your own benefit more than that of your career, then you are free to study whatever course you have the time for. In this case, a home study course may fit in well with your existing commitments.

Most Vocational courses (e.g. Hospitality, Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, require Intermediate English often the equivalent of IELTS Level 5.5 (IELTS is the International English Language Testing System). University undergraduate programs often require IELTS 6.0 and above.

English is a wonderfully rich and textured language that has plenty to offer to anyone who chooses to study it. Regardless of whether it is your first language and you want to explore it in more depth, or you are studying it to become more proficient in your understanding of it as a foreign language, a course in written and spoken English can offer an extremely rewarding experience to everyone for more go to My Space

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