What is Exactly the Rosetta Stone Language Program?

If you have listened to the radio or watched TV lately you have probably seen many advertisements for the Rosetta Stone Language program. What exactly is it? The language software is an interactive DVD/language program that accelerates a student’s capability to learn the language. Rosetta Stone uses a variety of multimedia to present their learning concepts. The program is designed to be taught in three phases/levels.

Level 1: This course covers basic vocabulary and sentence structure. The materials presented in this course are perfect for building a foundation to develop your language skills. This course is also perfectly suited for those looking to communicate on a trip or vacation.

Level 2: This course moves from beginning language to conversational language. Upon completion of the second course, the student should be able to engage in simple conversations in the chosen foreign language. This course is perfectly suited for those who are going on long vacations to another country or for the student looking to enhance their language skills.

Level 3: This course is for those looking for advanced language comprehension. The course is perfectly suited for those who plan on spending a substantial amount of time in another country or perhaps for those who serve as a concierge and frequently must give information to others.

What exactly is the Rosetta Stone language Program? Specifically, the methodology that the Rosetta Stone program uses is a process the company calls “Dynamic Immersion”. This process attempts to simulate the natural way to learn the language. Developmentally the human brain processes language as a child through all of our senses: initially through sight and sound. The Rosetta Stone programs understand this concept and then replicate the process for learners of all ages. The multimedia technology delivered through computers makes mimicking the process relatively straightforward. A student is initially given a series of pictures and asked to match with words. The trial and error process allows us to filter information very quickly and become bilingual very quickly.

What exactly is the Rosetta Stone language Program? The company has built a platform for learners of all ages to assimilate and learn a language quickly. Rosetta Stone has many competitors, however, none of the other companies have the wide diversity of languages that Rosetta Stone can offer. To date, it offers products that will teach 31 different languages.

The Rosetta Stone Company is a well-run organization that offers great customer service and high-quality products. The program is the current industry leader for adult learners in foreign language education.

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