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Writing well in English can open up a lot of rewarding opportunities for you. English is pretty much a universal language. It is the language of business. And good communication skills in written English can allow you access to opportunities on a global scale that you may not even know existed. From corresponding to networking, the more well-versed you are in English writing, the more successful you can be. In order to make the most of your English writing abilities, it is important to adhere to these English writing tips:

1) Keep It Simple

Fancy adjectives and elegant adverbs may make you feel like you are a great writer, but it is not how people communicate. In fact, most people read and write on a ninth-grade level. It is not a matter of ignorance. It is simply a necessity. The shorter sentences you write, the better you can give instructions and get your idea across without any breakdowns in the process.

2) Beware of those “ly” Words

Words ending in “ly” are often misused and abused because of the mistaken notion that they “sound” more intelligent. In reality, they slow down the flow of ideas and lead to frustration for the readers. If you are doing business in English, you can see how this can hurt your chance of success. Instead of using words that end with “ly”, see if you can find more concrete words that communicate better with your audience.

3) Read Aloud What You Have Written

What looks good on paper does not always sound good when someone is reading it. Your audience might process written words very differently than you do. By placing yourself in the shoes of your audience and reading aloud what you have written, you can see it the way they see it. Any mistakes with wording and structure will be more obvious when you read your writing aloud.

4) Pay Attention to Your Flesch-Kincaid Readability Grade Level

The Flesch-Kincaid readability test is often used to evaluate the comprehension difficulty of writing. The number that Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level assigns will ultimately tell you what school grade level of reading that you are writing for. If you can keep the number between 7 and 10, chances are good that you are getting your point across to the average reader.

Writing in English is not very difficult to learn. However, the ability to write effectively and efficiently can only be developed over time. The more you read and write in English, the better you can write in English. It is unlike that your writing can get better without a little bit of hard work and perseverance.

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