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The number one seller list, for the New York Times, is considered one of the highest honors any author has the liberty of achieving. With many authors in contention,  makes this achievement, even that more prestigious. The realism of this,  is that the authors and books are reviewed by many, and promoted by book stores and advertised by news stations, local and national media for maximum exposure. After weeks and months of review, the authors and their books are rated by the number of book sales that they have made, and are rated accordingly.

There are different categories such as fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, mysteries, and so forth, so getting to number one in any one of these categories, is a major accomplishment as you may agree. Recently we have made our own research study and have come to realize,  that history is in the making as we speak. This book has been number one, for ten of the last eleven weeks, and has been considered by many as a great American saga. The tyranny of this historic climb to number one is simply amazing. How can a number one bookseller rank that high without the normal media exposure that generally is given, when a book reaches a remarkable sales threshold?

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