The Book Power!

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• A book is a treasure chest.

• Although we can learn in many ways, books are the best and cheapest means of acquiring knowledge.

• Everyone that reads has the power to magnify himself, better the ways in which he lives, to make his life healthy, happy, and totally fulfilled.

• Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

• Readers are leaders.

• Don’t just read to get by but read to gain in-depth knowledge. Know it better than anyone but let it not puff you up.

• Read to give your mind a chance to luxuriate.

• Books give you a shot in the arm to speak nineteen to the dozen and be up and up.

• Books are for reading not for decoration.

• From the leaves of a book you can turn a new leaf.

• Books make a man.

• Book power helps you overcome the past, change your situations, fight new obstacles and make better decisions.

• The reading of books opens up worlds of information and greater possibilities.

• In reading a work of genius, you discover your own forgotten/neglected genius.

• A book is not only a friend, but it also makes friends for you.

• A book is a living voice one shall listen to.

• Reading supplies mental bread for your imagination to feed on and bone for your imagination to chew.

• The fame that beauty or riches bestow is fleeting and frail; mental excellence is a splendiferous and magnificent long-lasting possession.

• It is mainly through books that we commune with great minds. In good books, immortals talk to us, bless us with their priceless thoughts, and pour their souls into ours.

• The ability to read and understand can open any door you chose to go through.

• Reading is not always easy, not always fun or appealing, but is very necessary.

• One of the amazing things about learning is that knowledge not only translates from one area to another but is also an avenue that leads to understanding and insight.

• When you have possessed knowledge from a book with your mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you impact the knowledge to others you are enriched threefold.

• If you commit yourself to read books, increasing your knowledge, only God limits how far you can go in life.

• A book is a great gift you can give to anyone.

• I thank God for books.

Books are a powerful source of motivation and self-improvement.

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