“Enhancing Your Writing: Descriptive Techniques for Portraying People”

Free Vocabulary

When you describe someone or yourself, you are actually helping the listener or reader to create an image in their mind.Descriptions require many adjectives and adverbs, but images cannot be created without nouns. . Describing someone or yourself is an interesting phenomenon, but it can also be a very difficult and tedious task unless you have enough words and expressions to support your description.

When describing appearance, take a critical look at the person and describe what they look like. Is he tall, short, medium, plump, handsome, skinny, skinny, fat?

What about his hair? Is it short and straight, medium wavy or curly blonde?Or he is bald and has no hair at all. Look at his face now Even identical twins have facial differences. How is his face oval, round, square, triangular, or heart-shaped? Say something about his complexion, using words like light, black, whitish, pink, tan, dark… Using adjectives related to skin can also be very helpful. B. Silky skin, smooth skin, creamy skin, pale skin, or perfect skin.

In providing personal information, the depiction of the eyes is also important, and he should pay attention to three points when depicting the eyes. First, make general statements using words like “Hazel-Eyed,” “Brown-Eyed,” “Bright-Eyed” Secretary. Then use words like “small”, “large”, “crumpled”, “oblique”, “almond” to indicate size. Next, use words like friendly, lively, sparkling, sad, enchanting, tearful, etc. for eye expressions. Next, you should describe the person’s clothing using phrases such as ‘smartly dressed’ and ‘simple’. Also notice his mouth and lips, nose and eyebrows, the way he walks, the way he speaks, the way he looks at you and others. His voice can also draw attention.

The explanation is about rich vocabulary, and that’s where the real problem lies. So it’s a difficult and tricky job, but once you practice drawing a few people, you’ll feel comfortable. How about you manage to amass such a vocabulary and try it once by describing some of your peers? Treat it as a project. Work with up to 6 people you know well. By the time he completes it, he will have over 70% proficiency in this skill. surely.

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